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Friday, September 2, 2016

"Give me something to believe in"

Perhaps it is because I'm still buzzed from seeing Young the Giant at LOTG, but when I read this article/ listened to this interview, I related it to something Dr. Oliver said in class about "corrupting" the minds of the youth. (I also know their are several music majors in my class, so you may find this interesting.)

"I'll give you something to believe in. Burn up a basement full of demons. Realize you're a slave to your mind. Break free. Now give me something to believe in."


Also, this article is mainly about the band's cultural background and immigration to America. How does that relate to our Philosophy class? Immigration is a debateble topic in politics around the world. Sameer Gadhai obviously supports an open-door policy, as do I. We are all humans, inhabiting the same Earth and although we are all culturally different, we should be able to coexist and work together to build a sustainable future.

"... when America, eventually, hopefully becomes completely, again, renewed by this mixing and meshing of different cultures..."


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  1. H01
    First, LOTG was amazing. This was my first contact with both Young the Giant and Borns, but hopefully it will be far from my last.

    Second, and on the topic at hand, it makes me very sad that so many Americans have lost touch with their roots. In a country founded by escaping immigrants (dare I call us refugees), and commonly nicknamed the Great Melting Pot the current hostile attitude towards immigrants, both legal and illegal, is unjustifiable at the least and possibly criminal in the other respect.