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Monday, September 26, 2016

Tabula Rosa (H3)

Mostly everyone in this society is aware of the 10 commandments, whether they identify as Christian or not. These are not only the basic guidelines that God has given us to live by, and if everyone in the world were able to abide by these, we would live in a utopian society. Unfortunately, free will and human nature have gotten in the way of being those perfect sinless people. If we can all come to the consensus that those commandments are rules to live by for a happy life, then why don’t we? If we have truly free will, then what about our human nature is driving us away from this idea? Survival is one of our most basic and innate instincts, and perhaps that has left us with a deep seated need for competition, which leads us to sin. We steal things that we want or need but can’t afford. We lie to protect our self-esteem and social status from things we are not so proud to proclaim to others. I do not believe babies are naturally born evil or in to sin, but I do believe that they have a predisposition to it based on survival instinct and are continued to be socialized into it based on societies standards. One must understand what is moral and what is not in order to be guilty of sin. A baby, born a tabula rosa, has no way to know what they are doing until they learn the ways of the world, and the difference between right and wrong, something that many adults still struggle with throughout their lives.

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  1. There is one argument that i must pose. For some, following those 10 commandments will not lead them to a happy life. It can lead them to a poor, life in which they have nothing but themselves, figuratively or physically. With society around us, those commandments do not always provide the guidelines to a happy life