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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Original Sin (H1)

The idea of inherited sin is one that never sat quite right with me. Why should I pay for the mistakes of my forefathers? How is that fair? How could I, not even having a hope of existence yet, be responsible for Adam eating the apple? This might be attributed to an aspect of my own personal philosophy involving everyone essentially being responsible for themselves and their own errors. Either way, it hardly seems fair that one comes into the world with this great debt already saddled about their shoulders.
My father may sin, as all men are want to do, and it is his responsibility to be delivered from his own sins and to make up for what he did. It is his life and his mistakes, meanwhile I will live my own life and make my own mistakes and commit sins that are related to the lessons that I am learning and the experience that I am living. The idea of one needing to make up for their father's sins is the same idea as saying that I must suffer the same consequences my father did without receiving some kind of experience or lesson from it. So with this in mind, I am now free to go commit the same sin that my father did.
On this thought, if I am already destined to be saddled with sin then what is the point of trying to live a good and virtuous life if the cards were stacked against me from the beginning? With a beginning so unfair it might just be easier for one to save the trouble of trying to repent and instead just embrace the life of sin on a small or large scale, depending on the individual's inclinations.

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