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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Immanuel Chioco (Section 001)

- Name: Immanuel Vicerra Chioco
- Class: Sophomore (though I should be able to be classified early as a junior after this fall semester ends.)
- Major/Minor/Career Plan: Political Science (Pre-law cognate.) I have a minor in Journalism. I do not exactly have a "clear cut" plan yet, but I obviously DO want to somehow be involved in the legal system of the U.S. judicial courts. I've long been intrigued with the legality and reasonableness of the laws and arguments our society is faced with everyday. I do not want to enforce the law (though I acknowledge it is absolutely necessary... it's just not my cup of tea, if you will) as much as I want to interpret it (i.e., what the separate powers of the federal and state governments are, as well as what the gray areas are in which they meet.)
- Random facts: I am Filipino (with a little bit of Chinese from my Dad's side and I little bit of Portuguese from my Mom's.) My Mom and Dad met in New Jersey after they had moved to the U.S. from The Philippines (1985 and 1983, respectively.) That's where my Brother and I were born, but he moved around to Pennsylvania, Michigan, and finally Tennessee in 2001. My older Brother and I were trained in classical piano from a young age; we both went to Governor's School for the Arts here at MTSU eventually, him going in 2005 and myself in 2009. Though I love piano, I chose a different route of career plan, while he decided to stick with music, which has been his passion and love for a long time (he recently graduated from Belmont University this past may with degrees in commercial music composition and English writing.) He has been my inspiration for a long time and I try to set my standards up to his. I feel like I've been given so much (and yet, I've had to work HARD for a lot of things, at the same token) and I just want to make my Family proud. Growing up in a different society than from my parents (who grew up under dictatorship), I feel like I should take every opportunity that I can grasp. I also have two dogs: Guardian (male... mixed breed of Cockerspaniel and Beagle... turned 12 years old today!!!) and Sugar (female... fox terrier... will be turning 10 in December.) I love them both to death. I also have two cats: Wendy (female... we found her outside on a Wednesday afternoon, hence "Wendy..." will be around 2 years old now) and Remy (in remembrance of a good Family friend... will be around 1.5 years old now.) I also like to read and run anywhere between 3 - 6 miles in my spare time. I am also conservative (though I do have my liberal stances) and a Christian. I am a HUGE Kansas Jayhawk men's basketball fan, but I also respect Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Florida, Butler, and Belmont. In my spare time, I like to watch college basketball as well as figure skating, gymnastics, and swimming (but the last I usually just watch when the Olympics are shown on television.)
- What is philosophy? In my opinion: One's own view of the world, whether obtained through the exchange of ideas with people or by self-reflection; a set of connected, supported views and/or arguments in an attempt to find an answer to a question.
- How have others influenced yours? I have gained considerable knowledge through my interaction with others. Certain people, namely my Family and instructors, have fed me with new ideas I never would have thought of myself. I believe that most of my two-way dialogue exchanges have influenced me towards a most sympathetic, loving, and positive view of the world and its inhabitants. I've also traveled to many countries (Canada, Holland, Romania, The Philippines, and China... I've had to fund raise my way to almost all of these! Fortunately, I was able to fund raise enough to pay for the Holland, Romania, and China trips without almost any self-expense for the flights) and have seen the variety of living, beliefs, and suffering from one region to the next. Sometimes I really just wonder why everything is set the way it is... Why one idea seems to dominate over a group of people and another does the same for a different clan. Gahhh, the possibilities are endless, I guess... However, possibility IS a good thing, isn't it? :).

Tramena Mechell (16)

Name: Tramena Mechell Johnson

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Chemistry Concentration: Pre-Pharmacy

Minor: Biology

Facts about myself: I'm a pretty simple person who strives to do the best in any situation. It's better to try than to not try at all. I'm the second to youngest child of six. Four of my siblings are way older than me ranging from twenty-eight to forty-nine. My youngest sibling is sixteen pretty big age differences
. I'm originally from Fort-Worth, TX but callled Memphis,TN my home for the past 13 years I believe. I lived with my father my mother is deceased(breast cancer) she is the reason I strive to do my best so I can be just as great of a person as she was. Chemistry is absolutely the best and I love learning new things about it.

Philosophy: My philosophy is pretty simple - live, love, learn. I'm open to anything and love learning and hearing other opinions on touchy subjects I believe i'm pretty OPEN.

Influences: A lot of things influence me, influence is all around but the main influences in my life are my parents, pastor, family, and definitely my friends.

Emily Ford (1)

Name: Emily Ford

Class: Freshman

Major: Undeclared at the moment

About Me: I was born and raised in Franklin, TN. I love fashion design/sewing in general, movies, music, and most forms of art.

What is philosophy: Philosophy is ultimately the search for truth of how and why the world works the way it does. One's philosophy is his/her standpoint on their reason/purpose for being.

Influences: I find myself to be a rather observant person, so I think my beliefs have been influenced by everyone and everything around me. Books, movies, historical figures, my friends, family, teachers, classmates, and all of my life experiences have shaped who I am and what I believe.

Tyler Wilson (17)

Name: Tyler Wilson

Class: Sophomore

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Facts About Myself: I love sports, and movies. Know everything about them both. I have a great family and an adopted black brother from haiti. I am currently 19, but will be 20 in November (partayyyy?). I strive to be the best i can be at everything i do.

What is philosophy: To me it's the way people view each others opinions. No one can be right about everything, and its good to see where everyone comes from!

Who influenced me the most: My grandfather

My Introduction

Tere'sa Turnage
Junior- Libral Studies Major
Class Section 17
Hometown- New Orleans La. (Nawlins) lol
Hello all, My name is Tere'sa, I am a mother and a trauma nurse. I have been a nurse for about 8 years now although I enjoy nursing, I feel it is time for me to switch gears. This being so due to the numerous hours takeing care of other people when you're family is at home without you. I am usually quiet and reserve maybe because I have a high stress job and have to talk to people all day. (lol) I feel the definition on Philosophy is very subjective and is fed by life expierence's. Meaning Philosophy is a viewpoint on situations and or outcomes.

Kat Kolby's (16) bio

Name: Kat Kolby...

Classification: Soph.

Major: English

Minor(s): (Secondary Education) and Medieval Studies

Future Career(s?): The reason my education minor is in parenthesis, is because I do not wish to be a high school English teacher anymore. Professor Kat sounds more suitable to me. The Medieval Studies is for funsies. I plan on getting my terminal degree in English, then working on a second degree in cognitive therapy. The second degree is for a second possible career; a cognitive therapist.

Facts about myself: I don't think it poignant to list everything about myself, but I can divulge some snippets! I love writing and reading (No way? The English major? Psh!) I'm currently working on a six-part Vampire series. Yes. Vampires. They don't sparkle. Have no fear. I enjoy doodling and painting and all kinds of artsy things, but I do not flaunt a title of "artist". Videogames are a huge part of my life. I play as often as I can these days. As to which titles, I'll leave that up to those that care enough to ask. I doubt many classmates are reading these to their fullest any way.

Philosophy: I define philosophy as the way an individual examines life and their conclusions about it. It's our own meaning to life and humanity as we know it. A sort of "What makes us tick?" that changes from person to person depending on their answer to that question. My personal conclusion is that life is meant to be lived. Without questioning everything and exploring all that I can, I wouldn't be doing life any justice.

Influences: I said in class earlier today that I am influenced by everyone and everything. I meant it. I do try and take in everything around me. Each and every one of us is equally human and equally important. All opinions are worthy of hearing simply because they exist in the first place. Your thoughts are just as meaningful as mine, whether they're of closed or open minded origins.

^-^ Thanks for reading if you did! I look forward to this semester; gonna be tubular.

Shannon Laney (01)

Name: Shannon Laney (01)

Class: Sophomore

Major: English

Minors: Education (7-12), linguistics, and (maybe) Japanese

Career Plan(s): Teacher (both abroad and in the US), and a (hopefully government) translator

Facts about Myself: I was born in Portland, Oregon, spent most of my life in Asheville, North Carolina, then moved to Knoxville, TN in 9th grade. I am one of seven children, four of which are older than me. I love learning foreign languages and have thus far studied Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French, a little Korean, and a minuscule amount of Russian. Music also plays a big part in my life, though I can't play an instrument or sing to save my life. Chihuahuas are my favorite dog.

Philosophy?: To me, finding your own philosophy is like finding your reason to live. Without a philosophy to live by, you're just floating around without a purpose and without direction. That being said, I also think asking too many questions about the existential purpose of life can be draining and possibly self-destructive.

How Have Others Influenced My Philosophy?: Just by demonstrating to me either traits I'd like to see and adopt for myself or showing me how I really would not like to be. Like many others, I've probably been influenced in some way by every person I've ever met (or observed).

Nick Reinehr (2:40)

Class: Freshman

Major: Recording Industry

Facts about myself: Music is my life. I've gone to more concerts than I can remember and I have spent hundreds of dollars of my hard earned money on band t-shirts. I skateboard and I can solve a Rubik's Cube. I make kids quit on Call of Duty: Black Ops. Last, but not least: I'm going to be famous someday.

My definition of Philosophy: the reason one finds in life to live.

Influences on philosophy: My dad has told me countless stories from his life experience. All of his hardships and triumphs have been passed on to me. Another big influence was Bonnaroo. While at Bonnaroo I found my reason for being. I am here to be a positive influence in the world and to leave my Name in history as an awesome person.

Tim Edgemon (H01)

Name: Tim Edgemon

Class: Sophmore

Major: EMC Journalism
Minors: French and Theatre

Facts About Myself: I love art, travel, language, and learning about society. I chose to major in broadcast journalism because I feel that it combines these passions. I also enjoying joking around and tying to have an enjoyable experience in almost any situation.

What is Philosophy?
I find that philosophy is the attempted understanding of humans to ascertain concepts as introduced by society. That is, humans create philosophy to answer questions that society gives birth to and perpetuates. Having said this, it is human themselves that create the society that gives birth to philosophy. Any question asked by a human is grounded in a mortal perspective that is related to mortal society because it would be impossible for a person to ascertain any sort of existence without having existed in the first place. In order for humans to exist, however, a society, by whatever semblance of the term, must also exist. Thus, philosophy is merely the term given to questions asked, by humans, about the society that humans construct. There would be no questions, and thus no philosophy, without society.

Personal Influences:
I have of course been influenced in my life. Every functional person has been influenced by socialization. Particularly for me, however, was the media. I grew to understand higher concepts by reading literature mainly, which, if anything, is a highly influential media device.

Group one first post (17)

Samantha Mendes Da Costa (17)
Group 1 consists of:
Shawn Polley
Garrison Breckenridge
Jack Todd
Morgan Pewitt
Earl Pigg
Samantha Mendes Da Costa

In class we introduced ourselves, and discussed our views on who influences us in our lives. We also talked about what we thought philosophy was.

Our question is:
What influenced us to be where we are today? (in life, college, work, MTSU etc...)

Name- Renee' DuQuesne
Year- Senior
Major- Psychology, Philosophy minor
Basic info. - I love reading and writing, I'm also a dancer and dance teacher as well as a server and bartender. My ultimate goal is to be a child psychologist.
What is Philosophy? I don't think that is an easy question to answer but from what I already know about Philosophy I would have to say it's a some what structured form of arguing ....anything really, you can argue virtually anything from the smallest issues to the largest or most abstract. It's also about ethics and morality and deciding the difference between right and wrong, pertaining to the issue(s) at hand.
Influences from my own life- I think the most valuable influences from my own life aren't necessarily the people that have influenced me, rather the experiences I have lived through thus far that have helped mold me into the person that I am today.

Matthew Dossett Information. 17

Name- Matthew Dossett

Year- Freshman

Major- Mass communications/Journalism

Basic information-I am fairly creative and enjoy sports. I am a big Tennessee Vols fan!

What is philosophy? Exploring the concepts of life by using reason. In my opinion it is all about next level thinking. You think you know something? Question it. Explain why something works one way or another. It is all about breaking down the basic elements of life. Why do we know things the way they are? Are there other ways of looking at something? If so what are the other ways of looking at something? Can two different people with two different opinions be right? I say yes

Any influences in my own life?- Yes I have been greatly influenced by my parents. They have had a major impact on my life!



Name: Jackie Amicucci (1)
Class: Freshman
Major/Minor: Undeclared
Facts About Me: I was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York for the first ten years of my life (about 1.5 hours from the city). I moved to Franklin, Tennessee at the beginning of sixth grade and have been here since! I am very young for my class--though I have never skipped a grade--and I tend to be embarrassed when people make a big deal of it. I love shopping at antique and thrift stores... it's sort of a problem. I love Bob Dylan. I expect/look for the best in people, and I hope they do the same for me. I'm also relatively awkward, but I embrace it.
What is Philosophy?: Philosophy is the sense of doubt and curiosity about the "meaning" of life that we, as humans, have been trying to figure out since prehistoric times. It is the of wonder and questioning of everyday issues which most people would just bypass. There is no right or wrong philosophy on life or the world, just different standpoints. Through the study of philosophy, people gain insight on not only their own philosophical views, but of new, unfamiliar views too, creating a great deal of wisdom.
How Others Have Influenced My Philosophy: My family has played a huge role in my philosophy. Having grown up in a reasonably liberal family, I have adopted some of those values. My mother is a single mother and has raised my two sisters and myself since I was about three. Although she had to provide for us, she accomplished more than some others do without such circumstances. Having her as a mentor throughout my life has vastly impacted my philosophy and my way of thinking/being.
Name: Megan Rogers (1)
Class: Sophomore
Majors: Global Studies and French
Facts about myself: I was born in Enid, Oklahoma but I have lived in Tennessee for 17 years. My favorite band is The Strokes but I enjoy many different types of music. I like to do creative things. I love to travel and learn about other cultures.
What is philosophy? I see philosophy as an attempt to understand why and how the world works the way it does and also how it should work.
Have others influenced my philosophy? Yes, others have influenced and are constantly influencing my philosophy in one way or another.


Joel Delarosa
class: Sophmore
major: Undecided as of right now, planning to apply for athletic training program in the spring

Originally From Bay City, Texas, Raised in Murfreeseboro TN, Went to RHS
I played soccer and was the mascot Chief WinEmAll. my jr and sr year.

Defintion of Philosophy: the study of the meaning of life, and how we are supposed to live it.

Influences: Mainly Music, and Naysayers. Musical influences consist of bands such as 311 and sublime
Name: Lacey Linck (1)

Class: Sophomore

Major: French and Spanish

Facts: I am from Michigan, but have lived in Tennessee for most of life. I really enjoy learning languages, discovering new cultures, history, discussing religion, and traveling to new places. I love nature and the outdoors, astronomy, reading, writing, and painting. I like flying and bad singing. I enjoy simplicity.

What is philosophy? To me, philosophy is the desire to learn and know more about the world and the ways in which it works. Philosophy is curiosity. Its purpose is not to find a definite answer but instead to question and to continue to question who one is and what one believes.

Who has influenced my philosophy? It is very difficult to source and spotlight all of the influences in my life. I believe that every person with whom you meet leaves some sort of impression and that affects the way you see the world. And these influences will continue to sway your outlook on the world for the rest of your life. As it has been said in class, everyone brings something to the table. It is difficult to walk away from an encounter without having learned something. Even though I may not agree with comments and arguments that others make, they challenge my views and cause me to find my own understanding.

Mollie Elise Adcock (2:40/1)

Class: Freshman
Major: Media Production, no minor yet, but am considering creating documentaries in the future.
Facts: From Nashville, born and raised. Biggest aspiration in life is to travel to as many places as possible. Love fashion, care strongly about animals (I saved a puppy yesterday!), enjoy painting even though I am mediocre at it, and ultimately am just trying to be a good person in life.
What is Philosophy: To me, philosophy is like the birthplace of all of life's questions and ultimately their answers. Philosophy is what grows into facts and knowledge because someone dared to ask a question about something, and if philosophy's questions remain unanswered, then it at least led to some sort of human enrichment.
Have others influenced my Philosophy?: Of course. My older brother is a History/Philosophy major, so he is always talking about different ideas and I've learned a lot from him, and a lot of our ideas about the world are similar because of that. I've also learned a lot from studying European philosophers such as Locke, Rousseau, Descartes, etc. in high school. Ultimately, I think everyone has had their philosophy influenced by people - and possibly all of the people they've been exposed to in their lives - in both direct and indirect ways. And, in my opinion, it's a good thing to have influences in your life - whether the influences themselves are good or bad - because it exposes you to other ideas.

Rapheal Dabney | About Me

Name: Rapheal Dabney

Class: Junior

Major: Entrepreneurship

Home: Chicago, IL

Facts: I own a web based solutions company that develops websites, graphic media, and web based applications all to aid in a company's day to day production life.

Philosophy: I believe that life is what you make it. If you want something, I think you can have it if you focus on the realization of that thing.

Influence: I think my philosophy have been influenced by my Uncle Ruben. He lives his life and focuses on things differently from the rest of my family. And he also has different things that my other family members don't have. There was a time when I was working for him, and during that time, I learned a lot and I think his way rubbed off on me.

About Me

Taylor Shelton
Business Management
Hendersonville, TN
I am a huge football fan. I love the titans and in my free time I play the harmonica.
To me Philosophy is people trying to better understand the human condition and by that i mean we want to better understand human beliefs.
Every time I hear people talk about the way they view the world I try to listen that doesn't mean i dont take their opinion with a grain of salt but i still listen. Other times i will like what i hear and try to mold that into the way i see the world.

About Me

Name: Brandon Pearson (16)

Class: Senior

Major/ Minor: Construction Management/ Military Science

Hometown: Manchester, TN

Fact about me: I am currently the c/CSM for the MTSU ROTC Battalion and I plan on flying Army Helicopters for a living.

Philosophy (my definition): The idea or point of view that an individual has on life from their own experiences and back ground.

Name: Zachary Taylor (16)
Major: Undecided and Undeclared
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Facts: I am 19 years old and this is my second year at MTSU. My favorite pastime is reading and i have a different book almost every day. My favorite subject is history. i have two brothers of which i am both the youngest and the shortest.
What is Philosophy: I have not ever really considered what philosophy is but in the back of my mind my definition philosophy would be the different ways of looking at the world.
Influences: My family and friends have both obviously influenced me. Besides my friends and family the many authors that I have read have probably had the largest influence upon me.


Name- Daniel Stone
Class- Senior
Major/Minor- Concrete Industry Management/ Business Administrations
Hometown- Mt. Orab, OH
Fact- I enjoy the outdoors and things that go fast.
What is Philosophy- Philosophy is where the questions of the world that can not be answered are attempted to be answered with careful thought.
Influenced by others- my dad has influenced me tremendously. If it was not for him I would not be as successful as I am today, and would have no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

Hannah Moore (1)

My name is Hannah Moore.
I am a Freshman.
Major: Social Work
Minor: Criminology
Facts about myself: I am from Kingston, TN. I love singing and music. My parents are completely different from me and they constantly remind me, but they still love me. I don't produce ear wax in one ear which is kind of a weird fact about me. I love animals. Last but not least, I want to help people which is why I'm majoring in Social Work, specifically for the Domestic Violence/ Child Abuse area.
WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? To me, Philosophy just seems like it would be a cool class. I haven't had a lot of time to consider what I might even begin to think what philosophy is.
HAVE OTHERS INFLUENCED YOU? When I meet groups of people for the first time, I tend to stay quiet and let others speak so
I can hear their thoughts and opinions to see if they have similar ideas that I do. If they are opposing to my ideas I take time to consider their argument and whether it has any weight on my opinions and philosophies. So I suppose that I let everyone influence me in the way that I view the world. Not that I think exactly like everyone else, just that I listen to see if there is some point in someone's thoughts that may have been a weak argument in my thought or idea.
Name: Shavangi Sutaria

Year: Freshman

Major/Minor: Industrial Psychology/Communications

Hometown: Lawrenceburg, TN

Random Fact: I have had the opportunity to travel to many foreign countries such as India, Italy, Spain, France, Monaco, and ect. and all of this has helped me to open my mind and think from multiple perspectives.

Philosophy: Philosophy to me is realizing the bigger picture. It is about not taking anything like it is and looking at it from the other side. In a way I feel like it is an outlook on one's morals and beliefs of how to live a "good life."

Influenced: I have been influenced by many people. To be honest I am influenced a little by everybody. Ralph Waldo Emerson has always stuck out to me. I like Sri Sri Ravi Shanker's philanthropical viewpoints as well.

Name: Rudy Cotten (16)
Class: Sophomore
Major: business management

Facts About Me:
I grew up in Rock Island Tennessee on the river. I work for my family, we run a marina that i hope to one day take over. I like to ride bikes, wakeboard, snowboard, participate in triathlon, and play soccer.
What is Philosophy: To me philosophy is trying to reason out problems and answer question about the world around us.
Influences: My parents would have to be my biggest influence then followed by my family, friends, and teachers.

Allyson (Ally) Lynch

Name: Ally Lynch
Class: Sophomore
Major: Mass Comm- Public Relations
Minor: Political Science
Facts About Me:
A am a member of Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity and serve as the assistant to VP Fraternity Relations. I love doing service work. I am a member of the First United Methodist Church. The idea of "love" has always intrigued me (for what reason I'm not sure). I come from a family that includes my mom and dad and my two younger sisters.
Philosophy is...: I'm not exactly sure at this point but I believe philosophy is the study/act of conversating about ideas and theories about life's big, and sometimes small, questions including, but not limited to, existence, purpose, ethics etc.
Influences for my Philosophy: My parents/extended family and I have always been close so their ideas have always played an impact on my ideas of life, morality, etc. I also have read a lot by Mother Theresa and she has been a great influence along with Audrey Hepburn. More recently though I've been reading more by people that I may not agree with just to make sure that my ideas now are as cultivated as they could be.
Name: Rebekah Schott (16)

Class: Junior

Major: Pre-Dental with an emphasis on Chemistry

Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN

What is Philosophy?

I think it is the ideas that arise about relationships and occurrences in our everyday life that challenge us and make us question the origin and purpose of those occurrences/relationships and challenge us to form a belief that we believe to be true for other possible occurrences.

Has anyone influenced you?

Everyone influences me. I often find myself acknowledging I have very one-sided views, and other peoples actions or talking with other people changes my views and shapes my beliefs more and more everyday.

Name: Kristin Fabri (01)
Class: Sophomore
Major: Double; Psychology and General Science/ Pre-Med Track
Facts about myself: I've been in the Army National Guard for 4 years, deployed to Iraq and worked as a medic there, and I am currently enrolled in Officer Candidacy School(where they teach me to become an Officer). I am married for three years, have two dogs, and I love to run, work-out and cook. God is very important to me and I am on a never-ending path to increase my spiritual growth and knowledge.
What is Philosophy?: Hmmmm.... While I may have a more poetic answer, I believe philosophy is simpler than that. It is merely anyone's thoughts on anything. Ex: Suzie's philosophy of a McChicken " MMM this is the best sandwich ever!" and mine "Does a McChicken really have any chicken in it? I would never burden my body with that!" These are our individual philosophies and if we came together, we would have a philosophical debate on the subject. Philosophy doesn't have to be deep, intellectual, or spiritual. Although a philosophy having all the former qualities makes for an awesome debate!
How/Who influences Me?: Well... Everyone really. Either every individual I encounter or a collective group of people. What one does to me or someone else within my scope of perception will form a thought (going back to my original definition, a philosophy) in response to their action. That reactive thought, no matter how small, will go into an archive of thoughts that have accumulated throughout my existence and help shape my entire philosophy. It's all connected man!

about me bio

I think I might have accidentally created a new blog instead of posting to this one but here is a summary of my bio.
Alyssa Vance(16)
MW 12:40-2:05
Major/Minor:Computer INfo Systems
Hometown: Church Hill, TN
Philosophy is a new way of looking at the world by sharing views and discussing them in open forum.My papaw has always been my biggest philosopher. He taught me that while you always have to keep a guard up to avoid getting hurt you can still trust and dont have to shut the world out because if you do you will miss out on life.

Name: Cole Diamond
Class: Sophmore
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Los Angeles
Facts: I like to meditate, hike, make music, explore nature, and practice yoga.
I think philosophy is a medium to deeply and openly observe reality in an attempt to make sense of and connect with it.
I have been deeply impacted by yogic figures such as Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Paramahansa Yogananda

TC Clark (16)

Name: Torriell Clark (TC)
Class: Freshman
Major: Forensic Science
About Me: Born and raised in Oklahoma, moved to Chattanooga in 2006 with my grandparents and my mother.
What is philosophy?: After thinking about it, I believe philosophy is a person's specific viewpoints on life.
People who influenced me?: My mother, my grandma, and my aunt.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caleb Miles (17)

Name: Caleb Miles (17)
Classification: Junior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Nashville
Facts: I love art and everything about it although I'm a science major. Probably would be an art major if i weren't in the pre-med program.
What is Philosophy: i think Philosophy is the study of wisdom, and applying that knowledge to life.
Influences: I'm influenced by almost everything, however some things influence me in different ways. I can be positively influenced by someones achievements as well as their mistakes
Samantha Mendes Da Costa (17)

Name: Samantha Maria Mendes Da Costa (Sam)
Class: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN
Facts: I love to travel. I studied abroad in France this summer for a month to improve my French speaking skills and to learn about the culture. I love gazing at the stars, and finding shapes in clouds. I am in Phi Sigma Pi, an Honors Fraternity at MTSU, and love all my brothers.
What is Philosophy:The questioning and the thoughts of the world around us, and how they influence what we do.
Influences: I believe everyone I encounter influences my life. I think my mother has had the greatest impact on my life.
Name: Zach Pigg
Class: Junior
Major: Recording Industry
Facts about me: I'm 20, I'm a musician, and it is one of the most important things in my life. I absolutely love music and everything about it. Writing music, writing lyrics, reading, and playing video games are what takes up most of my time when i'm not with friends.
What is Philosophy?: To me, right now, Philosophy is the act of questioning everyones beliefs and ideas and asking them why the believe what they believe
Influenced by?: Mainly my grandfather

Edward Bailey (17)

Name: Edward Bailey
Class: Sophomore
Major: Undeclared
Facts About Myself: I have lived for a few years outside of the United States, and I have found this experience to be a big influence on my worldviews. I enjoy listening to music, reading novels, and playing video games.
What Is Philosophy: I think philosophy, in a nutshell, is the sum of your experiences. Everything you've seen, read, heard, felt, etc. all contribute to your view of the world and life in general, and this is what influences how you live and react to the world around you.
Influences For Philosophy: Everything I've seen, everything I've heard, everyone I've met, these all have influenced my outlook and shaped it into what it is today. My family and friends have definitely played a major part in shaping my philosophy.

Asiyah Naeem (1)

Name: Asiyah Naeem
Class: Sophmore
Major: Graphic Design
Minor: Non 
Career Path: I am working as a singer at the moment and would ideally like to become a musician. However, if this path doesn't work I a would like to use my degree in Graphic Design to work for disney and create kid friendly designs for their products.
Facts About Myself:
As I stated earlier I am love to sing. I am a terrible lyricist for my songs but I love to write narrative poetry. I have an obsession with pirates and sometimes wish that it was possible for me to start my own crew. I can read and write in Arabic. My hobbies are belly dancing, reading, singing and hula hooping. You'd be amazed at what one can do with a hula hoop :). I hate war. I dislike greed. I am pro organic, pro bio diesel, pro animal rights and a strong humanitarian. I do not have a religion but I do believe in god and meditate often.     

What is Philosophy:  Philosophy is a tricky word for me at the moment. I think it's like the theory that shapes the world around us. It could be everything and then it could be nothing at all. It's the questions that question the questions. It's taking a step away from knowing everything, and realizing that you know nothing at all. 
Influences for Philosophy: I think what shapes my view and influence for philosophy the most would have to my family and the places I've lived and experiences I've had. I started out in a family of conservative Muslims. I have gone to churches in TN. I have lived in Texas, Chicago, England and Tennessee. I have been exposed to many different views and live around different cultures. I feel like everything I've lived through and been exposed to has influenced the way I think today.

Quint Qualls

Name: Quint Qualls

Major: Journalism (Magazine)

Hometown: Nolensville, TN

Facts: I read quite a lot; I like literature, modern fiction, classics and some poetry. I love to write (mostly prose) and watch a lot of movies. Video-games have been with me since I was very young and consider myself a connoisseur of them.

What is Philosophy: I believe that philosophy is the subjective manifestation of one's interaction with the world and how they make sense of human interaction, emotion, life's purpose, and spirituality. Philosophy is quite simply your own justification for sentient existence.

Influences: Jim Morrison, Rimbaud, Naomi Klein, Thom Yorke, Hunter S. Thompson, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Chuck Palahniuk, Michael Herr, Baudulaire, Laozi, Jesus Christ, Bob Marley, Cicero, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Garcia.

Allie (1)

Name: Allie Patterson
Class: Freshman
Major: Political Science (for now atleast)
Facts About Myself: I am from a little town called Soddy Daisy about 20 miles out of Chattanoga. I love to watch movies and read. I tend to overthink most things so I'm hoping Philosophy will be right up my alley.
What is Philosophy?: The idea that knowledge never stops growing and we never stop questioning what is said to be known.
Influences: The world is an influence. Everything I encounter could make me think or see things differently. I think 9/11 had a big influence on my perspective of the world. As I have grown up I have always questioned why? Why did it happen? Will it happen again?

Robert Allen (17)

Name: Robert Bryan Allen II
Class: Freshman
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics
Hometown: decidedly, Smyrna, TN
Facts about me: I love reading, especially the classics. I own pets, none of which I enjoy. I work at a place where they sell miniature hamburgers at ridiculously high prices (Krystal). I listen to practically every type of music yet cannot remember lyrics or musicians' names if my life depended on it. I can legitimately cook, not just I-can-follow-this-recipe-step-by-step. My favorite class is always the one I was in last. I am a big dreamer; I could spend hours planning future milestones and tinkering with ideas. Hopefully, this class will prompt me to think even deeper for years to come.
What is Philosophy: Philosophy is a medium for reflection, an initiative for continual question and a willingness to shift paradigms on a whim.
Have I been influenced by others: I have certainly been influenced. I am a sponge when it comes to absorbing information. I absolutely love to learn, and, for me at least, learning is integrating others' ideas into my own framework of knowledge. To do this effectively, being influenced is an inevitable outcome. Influence implies only a subtle change, which is healthy, and not complete transformation, which, more often than not, mandates a loss of self.

Amanda Gambill (1)

Name: Amanda Gambill (1)
Class: Freshman
Major: Mass Communication with a Concentration in Journalism
Minor: French and Sociology
Career Path: It switches from time to time, but the paths I'm feeling out are to be an news anchor, blogger, or a full-time "memoirist."
Facts About Myself:
The most factual thing I can think of is my blood type is A Positive. However, more shifting potential facts (depending on who I'm around) is that I'm a typically quiet person, although not shy. Other tidbits: I've worked in customer service for almost five years at a photography studio, I don't want to be married or have children, and I want to be one of those really worldly, organic people who would almost be a hippie if I wasn't so level-headed.
What is Philosophy: To be quite frank, I'm not sure. By questioning philosophy itself, does that mean I understand how to incorporate philosophy in real world situations? Honestly, I believe it grounded on the basis of not completely accepting what is said to be.
Influences for Philosophy: Everything, in some way, influences me. Due to my fledgeling experience of what is philosophy, I would say my cynical view of the world as well as my non-religious background is what would influence me the most to becoming a "philosopher." Other influences could be the innate journalist in me asking "why? why?" In the end, I completely consider myself an open minded person, that is, if you appeal towards me rationally.

Amber Bradford (16)

NAME: Amber Bradford (16)
CLASS: Freshman
MAJOR: Management
MINOR: Leadership
HOMETOWN: I was born in Augusta, GA on a military base. I've moved around a lot. Luckily, I've stayed in Middle Tennessee for about 6 years now.
FACTS: I transferred from O'More College of Design after being there a year. So, technically I suppose I'm a sophomore. Realized I didn't want to be a designer as much as I thought I did. Hoping I get it right this time. I'm "inconsistent" by definition, but I prefer to call it unpredictable. Love to read and watch tons of movies. I'm creative minded. I'm extremely friendly and always willing to help as much as I can.
WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY?: Philosophy to me is opinions and different views/ideas about how the world came about, how it works, why it works, why we're here, etc. It answers questions, or tries to.
INFLUENTIAL PERSONS: Up to this point, my parents views were strongly influential on what I believe because they raised me. There are very few ideas that someone will tell me that I don't see their side. I think a lot, so, I would say I listen openly, but in the end I form my own opinion.

Ryan Parrow (1)

NAME:Ryan Nicholas Parrow
MINOR:Global Studies
CAREER PLAN:I plan on pursuing a doctoral degree in English and eventually teaching college level English courses.
ABOUT ME: I don't know if I can fully elaborate on who I am. Can a person explain themselves through their interests, aspirations, or experiences? Is a person defined by their actions,thoughts, or motives? Or is there a deeper significance that is the very essence of who anyone is that can't be explained. I admit that I fully don't understand myself or anybody else. I hope that one day I'll have a better understanding of who I am, but for right now I can just define who I am as someone who is unsure as to exactly as who I am.
WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY: To define philosophy would be to implicate that philosophy has any singular definition. Philosophy is such a large category that it would be impossible to describe it in any one definition. Throughout history philosophy has held numerous meanings to people. Philosophy to one person can be totally different to another. Most people tag philosophy with it's etymological roots as defined as "the love of wisdom". But to me even that's not enough to fully explain the denotation of this field of study.
WHAT INFLUENCES MY PHILOSOPHY: My philosophy is derived from a basic understanding of the "essence" of the world. My view on philosophy is very metaphysical, and I believe that the energy of the universe guides and directs us all. This is in no way spiritual, if anything it's the opposite, but coincides with a very primitive feeling that motivates and guides us all. I'm very open minded to learning about new forms of philosophy, so to state my present way of thinking is futile as I'm sure through this course of study my view on philosophy will change drastically.

Ren Hammett (17)

Name: Lauren "Ren" Hammett
Class: Sophomore
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Fact: I'm a Thespian. I like to act and I love being in plays. And I also love my Titans. I get a ticket to a game every year for my birthday from my parents.
My Idea of Philosophy: I think it's the way you think and how you see the world.
Influenced: I'm sure I have been influenced, mostly by my parents and family and I guess even by my friends, but I couldn't say specifically who influenced what or anything.

Jonathan Driver (section 1)

My name is Jonathan Driver
My major is Psychology
My minor is Philosophy
My career path (as of right now) is becoming a clinical psychologist/ researcher.
One thing about myself is that I am Buddhist so I have some intro into Buddhist philosophy.
My idea of what philosophy is that philosophy is the search for meaning and wisdom in life.
The one thing that has influenced my idea of philosophy, as well as my personal philosophy, is Buddhism. The Buddha set forth a philosophy that can be summed up into the following: Do no harm to yourself, Do no harm to others, and Tame your own mind. This is how I try to live my life on a daily basis. I also add the idea of being compassionate at all costs, because through compassion we see others as they actually are, and not as they are commonly perceived.
Name: Steven " Derrick" Harris (16)
Class: Senior
Major/ Minor: CIM/ Business Administration
Hometown: Clarksville,TN /Armybrat
About: Finishing up my last semester of classes at MTSU and have matured a great deal through my 4 years in Murfreesboro. I have learned from my mistakes and worked through all the highs and lows. I grew up an armybrat which exposed me to a lot of different parts of the country as well as abroad. I enjoy traveling and feel that I have a better awareness because of it, traveling throughout Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and Mexico. Weekend hiking and camping is my favorite hobby and I try to get outdoors as much as possible.
What Philosophy means to me: Analysis of fundamental problems through rational reasoning. We depend on philosophy ( whether consciously or unconsciously) everyday . Nearly everything is predicated on philosophical investigation(s).
Influences:Much of my influences comes from family and close friends. I have had many others along the way and can take something from just about anyone willing to articulate their point of view, bias aside.

Keep 'em coming!

But do, please, include either your section number or meeting time next to your name.

Next time before we get into groups,  I'll answer your questions about the course and the syllabus... so please read all of it before class, and identify any sources of confusion. When we break into groups you'll each select a leader (or your first leader, if you decide to rotate the job), discuss your posted responses and whatever anyone has to say about Listening is an Act of Love and the value of listening respectfully to one another. If you've not read the book, take a look at the StoryCorps website or the Google books version and find a story that speaks to you. Try to formulate a discussion question about it.

I'll circulate from group to group, to help everybody get comfortable with this format.

Name: Maranda Faris
Class: Freshman
Major: Photography
Facts: I like watching sports (but hate participating), playing video games, going on road trips, and visiting with friends. I hate sitting still for more than a few hours. Also, I'm secretly not that interesting.
Idea of Philosophy: I believe philosophy is the idea of existing and one's place in the world.
Influences: Family and friends, specifically my mother, grandmother, and best friend. Their beliefs and actions have heavily influenced my belief that somehow, people have to coexist with one another, despite occasional difficulties.
-Maranda Faris (16)

Brett Schneiderman (16)

Name: Brett Schneiderman
Class: Senior
Major: Recording Industry- Audio Engineering
Minor: Music
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Facts About Myself: Avid music listener and performer. Play the Saxophone and fool around on guitar. I hate being asked what my favorite music is. Pretty big sports fan. Love my hometown (Baltimore) teams regardless of how poor they play. Very passionate about my political and philosophical beliefs but enjoy learning about other conflicting views. I consider myself pretty open minded to contrasting beliefs.
What is Philosophy: The study of perceived reality through the application of rational thinking having to do with values, reason, and evidence.
Influences on my Philosophical views: Lately, my views have been heavily influence by the works of Stefan Molyneux (Philosopher of the non-aggression principle), Richard Dawkins (Scientist of theory of evolution), Ron Paul (Free market educator).

Whitney H (16)

Name: Whitney Hagerty
Class: Sophomore?
Major: Criminal Justice
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Facts about myself: I've been living in TN for about 20 months now. This is my 2nd year at MTSU, but started my college career in Santa Barbara, CA. I like it here in TN, but this isn't a permanent place for me; I miss living by the ocean. I'm shy and quiet around new people, but I'm told I'm a great listener. Also, kind of strange, but my knees bend backwards. ha!

What is Philosophy?: I always thought that philosophy was the theories and opinions of why things are the way they are that can't be explained by science.

Have you been influenced by others in your philosophy? Is it good to be influenced?: I can't pinpoint exactly who has influenced my philosophies on what, but I do know that my family and closest friends have had a part in it. I think it is good to be influenced by others, because it may bring out something that you have never thought about before or it may open your mind up to something that you never knew about.

Who (why) Am I?

Name: Garrison Breckenridge
Class: Freshman
Major: English
Hometown: Born in Brookings, South Dakota but have lived in Lexington, Tennessee since I was three.
Facts About Myself: I enjoy anything that involves creation. I like books, movies, music and most things born from the imagination. I play guitar; Metallica, Led Zeppelin, stuff like that.
What is Philosophy? I believe philosophy is mankind trying to find meaning in an existence beyond true understanding. When it all comes down to the very basics of philosophy, we find questions. I think that philosophy is about asking questions, not necessarily finding answers.
Influences on my philosophy? I have been heavily influenced by my parents, it is natural that living with the same people for eighteen years should not only have influences on my philosophy but should form my philosophy.

Taylor E.

Name:Taylor Eidson(17)
Major:Business Admin.
I believe philosophy to be the act of questioning and seeking truths, both abstract and physical, in life.
Yes I have been influenced in my beliefs and ideals by many-Socialization
Duke Lockert
Graphic Design
Aurora Co/Ashland City Tn
I do SCUBA diving, rock climbing just anything outdoors. Basically any type of adrenaline activity is what i like to do.
I was most influenced by my parents. They are very open to everything so I am as well. Im am alway open to new opinions and ideas.
My idea of philosophy is how you and all others on earth perceive all the ideas and beliefs that present in our world.

William's Thoughts

Name: William Coleman
Class: Sophmore
Major: Aerospace (Pro Pilot)
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Facts: I am a realist who enjoys life to its fullest potential. I am a people person and I love to have fun in everything I do!
Philosophy to me is every individuals mysterious opinion about life itself.We all have our own opinions and different outlooks on each and everything in life, so with that being said we are all philosophers. For example, we all were asked what is philosophy and everyone that post will have a different view of what philosophy is to them.
I am indeed influenced each and everyday by people that are in my life whether it is positive or negative. The people I am most influenced by would have to be my family, friends, and enemies. All of these folks have worked hard to influence me and are doing a great job at helping me become who I am.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Trinity White (16)

Name: Trinity White
Section: 016
Class Status: Junior
Major: Secondary Mathematics Education
Hometown: Pulaski, TN
Biography: I have traveled to and lived in many areas of the world during my lifetime but I call Tennessee my home. I enjoy new experiences of all kinds, ranging from interacting with new people to indulging in the culture of an unfamiliar place. The world influences me constantly, but my family has by far had the most impact. Their histories, actions and attitudes have effected my view of the world...probably more than I even realize.
Philosophy on philosophy: To me it simply means a collaboration of constant questions, thoughts and beliefs about humans, life and the world overall.

William's Thoughts

Gimme that girl with her hair in a mess

Name: Prisilla Ramirez (Section 16)
Class: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Social Work/Art
Hometown: born in LA, raised in Murfreesboro
Facts: I could listen to John Mayer for hours. People mistake me for a handle full of races but I am Hispanic...Latina...you know. My Nissan X-Terra is my baybay. I take naps at 5:00. In new places I'm usually quiet. I'm employed at LongHorn Steakhouse at the avenue. I loooove to have a great time and go out, rarely am I ever sitting at home. I miss California, a lot, but I'm a southern girl at heart. Lions are my favorite. I don't really like talking about myself, I'd much rather get to know other people.

Philosophy, to me, is deep thinking about many aspects of life. Usually from different perspectives, listening to the ideas and beliefs of everyone.

My parents as well as my friends who I have ever let into my life are the ones that have influenced me the most.

Remember your sec.#

Great. More, please! Just remember to include sec.# (1, 16, or 17) or class time (1, 12:40, or 2:20) along with your name. And feel free to elaborate on philosophy & influence, especially whether you consider yourself open to new ideas or fearful of them.

I am...

Name: Rachel Gallina
Major: Electronic Media Management
Minor: Speech & Theatre; Education
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Don't really have one...

Philosophy is the study of thoughts and ideas on religion and existence.

I am a Christian and a Patriot. My parents were both in the Navy, so I have moved around my entire life (hence no hometown). However, I was born in Morristown, TN. I am married. My husband is in the Army, and is currently deployed in Afghanistan. My biggest influences in life would be my family. Though I have met many people who have impacted my life in some way, and shown me different perspectives of the world.

Post time!

OK, contributors, who's going to impress us all with the courage to lead? Post your bios & thoughts on philosophy & influence, inquiring minds want to know who you are and what you think!

Index card #2

Forgot to mention to section 16: write your brief bio & response to the questions about philosophy and influence  (What is Philosophy? Have you been influenced in your personal philosophy & worldview by others? etc.) on one index card, and leave the second card blank. We'll use those as name-tags when we begin group discussion next time.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Confessions of an Ex-Moralist - NYTimes.com

Joel Marks is wrong, but in interesting and provocative ways. I wonder if he's read "The Moral Philosopher and the Moral Life" by William James. There the view is ably defended that although (as Marks suggests) the full set of competing human desires is socially unsustainable, our objective aspirations in morality and ethics remain wholly tenable.
Confessions of an Ex-Moralist - NYTimes.com

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The syllabus is up, on its own page. Click on the link in the right sidebar.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Welcome to an experiment. If X-Phi is experimental philosophy, Co-Phi is an experiment in collaborative philosophy. Conversational, interpersonal, talkative, discursive, mutual. Co-Phi aims to be philosophy that listens and learns.

The William James quote above summarizes Co-Phi's aspirations: to convene a forum we can use to introduce philosophy to ourselves and one another, a forum spanning classrooms and "real world" alike, and in the process to learn more than we would if we continued to follow the "old school" script of sitting silently and taking down de-contextualized lecture notes.

(That's James in 1903, on the left, collaborating with his Harvard colleague Josiah Royce in Chocorua, New Hampshire. I was there last year, ask me about it.)

Initially the experiment involves just my Intro to Philosophy classes at MTSU, Middle Tennessee State University, in the 2011 Fall semester. We'll see if it develops an afterlife in cyberspace and time, or becomes  a template for future classes.

The plan is for students in each class to disperse into approximately five groups, each with a timely focus on specific aspects of our curriculum as indicated by the syllabus. Each group will designate (and perhaps rotate) a "leader" (speaker/secretary/task-master) who will chair discussion and delegate research assignments. Groups will meet for a portion of each class. Group leaders will post summaries of their respective groups' activities in this space prior to each class session, and will give a verbal summary to the entire class. All students will be encouraged to comment in the "replies" space here. All will be expected to propose daily questions for a PowerPoint database.

We'll use those posts, summaries, and questions as our springboards for general class discussion, and as the basis of our quizzes and exams.

Groups will disband and reassemble every three or four weeks, during the 13-week semester.

This is a truly collaborative and experimental exercise. When things work we'll continue to do them, when they don't we'll scrap and improvise. Everyone's input is solicited and valued.

Why do it? For one thing, to test James's hypothesis about the superiority of "social" philosophizing. For another, to begin exploring the mostly-uncharted collaborative potential of the 21st century classroom. For a third, though but this is really primus inter pares, to model and adopt the best new ways of teaching and learning we can devise together. Old ways for the old, new for the young (and young at heart). It may well be time for what Virginia Heffernan calls a "digital-age upgrade" in the way we do things in academia. Or not. There's only one way to find out.

It should be fun, it will be interesting. Let's do it. Class begins on the 29th.