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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Human Essence (H1)

Does the belief that every person have their own essence which they are born with and they keep with them throughout their life, or is their a communicative essence formed long ago and exists through society? Perhaps both can take course in tandem or, perhaps one can develop after another. In the event that one enters a society which is determined by an over arching essence on moral and other code, or by the collection of individually relative essences, can that one change if he or she so desires. Is it possible that one from a society governed by an existing essence shared throughout may develop their own essence as a loner if it is healthier to that one?
It is my belief that everyone has their own essence that is heavily affected by the cumulative essence of  all in the society, and that it is their duty to adjust to the society as is their nature. Civilization is formed from this corrosion of essence to a central, common one present in all. However, it may be at the presence of an issue so afflicting that may cause one to depart form this common essence and to separate for the health of their own self. 

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