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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Discussion Post 4 (9/20/2016)

         As we discussed the concept of talking to ourselves today, it got me thinking about how little time I reserve to do this (aside from every day problem-solving). I feel that people in my generation have a hard time being alone with themselves. This might be partially due to the amount of technology we’ve been exposed to. I personally love the social aspects as well as the easy access to information that has come with the expansion of technology, but I have to admit that it has taken away from my ability to be alone.
         While social media is great for connecting with friends and keeping up with recent happenings, it also has some negative effects. It is a constant stream of events – our brains are never not stimulated. It’s a distraction that prevents us from being comfortable with nothingness. Ironically, this non-stop connection via technology has damaged our ability to really connect in person. It’s difficult to get through a conversation without one person checking their phone. It’s almost as if we’re searching for an interruption – something to look at so we don’t have to come up with words to say. It has greatly reduced our ability to think. We can’t be alone, but we also can’t engage in conversation with others without some sort of distraction.
The song “Car Radio” by Twenty One Pilots discusses these issues, as well as an interview with Louis C.K. on Conan. I’m putting links for both at the bottom!

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