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Thursday, September 15, 2016

H02: Death As The End of a Stage Rather than an End of All

The concept of death, rather than the end of a human life, is the end of any existence's current stage. When a window breaks, the life of that glass's current stage maybe over, but the glass will live on, even if in more pieces than before. To embrace death is to see things for what they consist of rather than what we see them as when recognizing what it's appearance has meant to us in the past.

The following tale has been often attributed to the Buddha.

Buddha spoke to a student regarding his favorite teacup-how he loved the feel of the warmth of the liquid through its body, gazing at the breaking dawn of a new day while holding the cup, etc. But, to the Buddha, the cup was already broken, because that was inevitable. So, Buddha did not worry about the fragility of the cup, because when it did break, it already had to him, and he enjoyed each moment with it like it was a gift.

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  1. Possibly. Death as and end of an existence's current stage is an interesting idea. I would love to find out if it is true or if death is merely the end of human life and there is nothingness afterwords. Sadly, we will never know the truth of this until we have embraced death.