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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Memory, A History. By: Dmitri Nikulin

Leah Magdal, Ethan Jakes

Quiz Questions:
1.What did Gabriel Garcia Marquez put in the epigraph to his memoir?(pg9)
2. What does Dmitri Nikulin say about a painful memory?(pg20-21)
3.How do we tend to remember ourselves as?(pg24)
4. How does our memory tend to store our past?(pg27)
5.What was a common practice in 356 BCE?(pg30)

Discussion Questions:
1.If you had the ability to erase painful memories would you do it?
2.Since our memories change and are usually altered by our imagination, how sure can we about the accuracy of our memories?

#9 Batman, Superman, and Philosophy

Chapter 3 Quiz Questions:
1. Why is evolution and natural selection exclusive things?
2. Who did Ben Springett say would be a more effective superhero?
Chapter 3 Discussion Questions:
1. Why do individuals practice altruistic behavior?

Chapter 7 Quiz Questions:
1. Which philosopher made outright disturbing claims about the types of values Clark Kent personifies?
2. How did the original "bad" men cause a moral reversal where the "good" became "bad"?
3. What character laments this shift in moral views?
Chapter 7 Discussion Questions:
1. Does Batman wish to save others from harm as a purely altruistic goal, or does he wish to thwart and punish those who have not harmed him directly, but remind him of the individual who killed his parents?

Chapter 17 Quiz Questions:
1. What did King Oedipus put on that made him seem like a hero?
2. What is the special property of Batman's mask?
3. Batman's effectiveness relies on what as intimidation?
Chapter 17 Discussion Questions:
1. Why are we naturally disposed toward intimidation?

The difference between Superman and Batman

Sex Within The Republic

Plato's "The Republic" Book V

1.)    What must women receive in order to have the same duties as men?
2.)    Who are the best of citizens?
3.)    What does the character of Socrates say of the man who laughs at naked women exercising?
4.)    What is the purpose of the proposed festivals?
5.)    What is to be done in the instance a woman is impregnated through incest?
-Sex is a popular topic in today's culture.  The fact that you can't turn on a television without seeing a sexualized commercial or open up a magazine without some reference to sex is troubling to some.  What is your opinion on the great role sex plays in this age?
-Plato alludes to the idea of arranged marriages.  Today, arranged marriages are common in many societies.  How would you feel if you were forced into and arranged marriage?
-Should abortion be allowed in cases of incest?  Why or why not?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1984- Group 8

Follow the link below to find answers to the quiz questions! The questions only come from the first part of Part 1 Chapter 1


Quiz Questions 

1. Where does Winston Smith live?
2. What saying is running across the bottom of the telescreen?
3. Where does Winston work?
4. What are the three slogans of the Party?

St. Augustine and “The One”

If an extremely appalling act is about to be carried out by one or more individuals, of which are full believers in the Christian Faith and in God, what action or lack thereof would God take in relation to this? Are there things that God cannot accomplish or fulfill? If God is truly good and could in fact renounce all evil, then why does he not and why would God then permit evil to stay? So, what’s the reasoning behind all the questions on such a matter? The concept of “The One” or God was quite a troubling topic for the philosopher we know today as St. Augustine.  Aurelius Augustinus was born in Tagaste of the Roman Empire which is now Algeria in North Africa and growing up, Augustine had a desire for the ‘Truth’. The truth to the big question many of us ask ourselves, “why am I here and what am I supposed to do with this life that I have been given?” Augustine, after converting to Christianity in his thirties sought to make sense of this. Though on a dark and pessimistic side, St. Augustine focused on the perspective of evil morals. He did not agree with this notion that God is a mysterious being who has abilities to distort time, space, and matter. As a Manichaean and that of Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of motion would see it, the perception of Good and Evil was the equal and opposite reactions of each other which constituted the idea of God and Satan. You can’t have one without the other. From this, St. Augustine came up with the idea of free will or the Free Will Defense. Stating that we have the power to decide what we do with our life, given emotions and the ability to reason. St. Augustine concluded that God was not just merely a single powerful entity able to cure the planet of evil but is our inner soul with reason that helps rid moral evil.

Weekly Essay: Your Why

Have you ever had a coach you just didn't like? Did you have a hard time doing what he asked of you? Did you not want to do it for him? If so, why? Did we not like him or her because of his appearance and we already wrote them off? I have recently learned this in my communications class to be wrong. We aren't supposed to self evaluate the messenger based of looks. We are supposed to listen to the message for what the message has to say, reason with and then make an education choice on to agree/disagree. I had a new basketball coach take place of the coach I had for the past several years because he had passed. I had already pre determined that I wasn't going to like this new guy. I wanted my old coach, his ways, his style, his teaching, the experience I had gone through to build rapport with him. It was my senior year and things were supposed to be getting easy for me. With a new coach I was faced with an entire different set up challenges that I had already copped out of in my mind, and that's why I failed.  I failed because three weeks later I quit the team. I was a highly ranked point guard in the state of Texas and let a new coach strip away my road ahead of me in three weeks. I'm older now,  and see that my why wasn't strong enough. This response shows that I was doing things to make others happy and if didn't get along with or couldn't satisfy that other person (the coach) then there wasn't a point in continuing. Any time we are struggling with adversity look back to your why, why you are in this class, why you are enrolled at MTSU, why you are working the job you at and so on. You may be simply reminded that all of things may be leading to something greater that you are chasing, and that's what matters to you.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sports of Philosophy-10. LaTiffah, Richard, Zach & Anthony.

Quiz Questions : Phil Jackson Eleven Rings.
1, What did Phil like about Tex's system from a leadership perspective?
2. What are qualities of great leaders?
3. Why did Phil Jackson give Shaq a copy of Siddhartha?

Tony Dungy : Quiet Strength. 
4. What philosophy did Tony try to sell to his team?
5. Name 3 things that Tony said that players could easily hang a poor season on if they choose to?
6. Why did Chuck Noll say champions are champions?

Discussion Questions :
1. Do you think putting aside your ego is necessary to succeed in a team activity? Why or why not?
2. Should a coach be the only team leader?