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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Living With Sin


I like many others grew up believing that sin is a very real thing and that doing something "wrong" will result in the judgement of your soul based on the cumulative sins one has committed. I now do not believe in such a thing as sin necessarily but do believe in the morals of right and wrong, but I determine those morals myself; don't I? The terminology I relate to more closely would fall along the lines of karma. If someone does something wrong it will result in just due. I don't like entertaining the idea that there is any real type of judgement going on or that there is some tie linking someones actions to consequences beyond the mortal world. I believe that things happen in this world just because they can and will happen. I don't believe there is a rhyme or reason to anything in this existence. I do not claim to know of any such answers nor do I believe anyone now or in the future will have any idea.

I do believe that it is beneficial for one to live as to not commit "sins" or acts of wrong doing. Maybe the idea of sin is a good deterrent for it is accomplishing it's goal in scaring people away from this impending judgement. I just chose to not live in fear and stay out of troubles way. Treat others how you want to be treated, or just treat others with compassion and attempt to travel with a positive lifestyle. The world can be wicked and takes it's toll on us humans, we just have to persevere past these evils.   

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