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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Welcome, Humeans!

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Let's put on our Hume caps and begin co-philosophizing about le bon David. His Treatise of Human Nature is the obvious place to begin.

I've invited my co-Humeans to state their starting point reflections, objections, concerns et al. Mine, in a nutshell, revolve around William James's claim that Hume's empiricism was insufficiently radical. "Most empiricists had been halfhearted; and Hume was perhaps the most half-hearted of the lot... The reader will recognize in Hume's famous pages a fresh example of the way in which conceptual translations always maltreat fact..." Some Problems of Philosophy

So there's the gauntlet thrown: is Jamesian radical empiricism an improvement on its Humean predecessor or not?

I take the James side, in the James v. Hume radical or skeptical empiricism debate, but Hume remains my favorite Scots freethinker and namesake. He led the way.
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