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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


      Sin and bad deeds, is there a difference? Well, they are almost exactly the same in practicality, except they are completely different in nature. Sin is universally bad. There is no doubt about what is sinful and not. Badness on the other hand is decided by the society of a given place and time. Badness is much more objective and changeable. for example, a couple hundred years ago it wasn't seen as bad to own slaves or mistreat women. Now, because society changed its viewpoint, those things are considered to be bad. Morality is usually a product of its time, while sin remains the same. Sin is unchanging because it is determined by an unchanging God.
     When Adam and Eve committed the first sin by disobeying God, it was a bit more complicated than just forbidden fruit. God made the garden for Adam to reside in and to spend time with Him. The devil, jealous of God's affections for humans, tempted Eve and Adam with the forbidden fruit for the reason that they would gain the "knowledge of good and evil". The devil tried to say that God was trying to keep something good from them, but in reality God was keeping something bad from them, like the saying "ignorance is bliss". This may sound contradictory because in philosophy, knowledge is neither good or bad and that it should be sought above all. However, if God knows all things, including what would happen if humans gained knowledge of evil, He would be right in keeping us pure from such things. One could ask if God is really good if He let the devil tempt Eve and Adam with the fruit. Well, I'd answer by saying that it is simply a matter of free will. To be a good God, He cannot be a simply controlling egotistical God. He has to give us the choices that are available and let us decide. If He made those decisions for us, then we wouldn't really love Him because love is a choice. Therefore, because He loves us, He gave us free will to sin; then, because He loves us, He let His son become one of us and die for us so our choice to sin doesn't disqualify us from His presence.

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