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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stoicism and Me (H3)

My mother once called me a stoic I didn't really know what that meant this lesson brought that to my mind. I can now see some similarities between stoicism and things I do. Am I a stoic? I probably am not.  
According to the Merriam Webster website the definition of stoic is: a person who accepts what happens without complaining or showing emotion. I often, but not always, respond to situations with very little emotion. So I could fit into this definition.  
For further research I watched the School of Life video on the stoics. There was one line that struck a note with me about 3 minutes and 28 seconds into the video. "Anger stems when misplaced hope smashes into unforeseen reality." I agree with that. Anger comes from disappointment.   
This is where the stoics and I part ways. They would find their stability in accepting the misery of life while I find my stability in the goodness of God. For example, in the case of spilled milk a stoic would maintain their tranquility by the understanding that in life things get dropped. We should come to expect that and live life accordingly. I maintain my tranquility because no matter what life throws at me God is still good. He always will be I can't do anything to change that. 
I guess in the end I hold some similar perspectives to stoicism but with drastically different foundations. Belief in eternal blessing verses belief in eternal misfortune. 

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