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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reflection into Sin and Infancy (H1)

It is somewhat hard to conceive that a baby could be anything but pure innocence, however, the idea that opposes this states all people enter the world condemned as sinful. Much of this has to do with religious beliefs. However, many philosophize that people are born with natural intentions of unmoral conduct.However, sin, or what society imposes as such, seems much more likely to be only present within the actions and thoughts of the person in their life.
However, are some people more likely to commit sin, are they naturally born with sinful intentions?
I believe that people are born with their instincts and a small part of their personality. The personality part is affected by the pregnancy and the neurological aspects of each person. Furthermore, the majority of personality and thus behavior is retained from the environment in which that person grew up or is currently in. If someone grows up in a more nurturing and peaceful environment, they are most likely going to reflect that in their actions. However, if someone is born and raised into a harmful environment, their personality will then reflect much of the qualities of their environment.
Beyond the environment's effect, I believe that not every person is the same in their inclination towards sin. Just as there can be a outlier in terms of behavior concerning environment, it is up to the personal beliefs a person develops within themselves which have the greatest impact on their actions and therefore, tendency to sin.

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  1. Even if you remove the religious aspect and look at this topic from a psychological sense the answer is still just as distant. We still do not 100% know if everyone's actions are predominantly innate or not. It seems at though upbringing determines a good deal of their future good or bad intentions. However, there are still some people that defy the odds.