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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Free Will and its Consequences

On free will, i have to say that we all have it. We all have always had it and we all will always have it. What determines our free will is our ability to make decisions for ourselves. Our free will can never be taken away for we always have more than one choice and can always choose which to take, even if that second option is death. This is why i refuse the idea of oredestination because if everything in this world is predestined, then there really is no 'choice' and there is no such thing as 'free will'. If there is a set path for everyone, what is the point of us even existing? I don't see a point so we must have free will and the ability to carve our own paths.  Many theologians will say that with free will, there is consequences. Not just the obvious consequences that come with making a choice, but divine consequences. Some say that natural disasters are sometimes these consequences because part of the world is making all the wrong choices. Personally, I don't believe this. Natural disaster all have scientific, definite causes that cannot be shown to be the making of any divine force. However, free will does constitute for some proportion of natural disasters. Toxins we realease in the environment can cause them. Drilling and mining can cause earthquakes, which can cause tsunamis. Sometimes they can cause volcanic eruptions. So yes, free will can have astronomical consequences, but it cannot be of divine making.  Our free will is ours and we make our own choices for ourselves, not because someone or somethig told us we had to.

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  1. Good points, although I have an alternate thought. You say natural disasters could not come from a divine source, since we have scientific explanations, but I do not understand how those two ideas are mutually exclusive. Could not the scientific principles we see at work simply be the symptoms of a divine initiative? Could not the natural laws which govern decision-based consequences have been set up from creation by God?