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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Silence & Loneliness (H02)

            As far as loneliness is concerned, I have never really felt the pain that is accompanied by it. I have been alone on several occasions, but not once did I feel lonely. I can understand people’s concerns with being alone; it’s scary. However, I am fortunate enough for loneliness to not bother me. I used to dream as a kid of living in solitude, and still to this day I have the occasional thought of living life like a transcendentalist. I enjoy my own alone time and freedom from others. I have a self-sufficient nature which may be, coupled with my enjoyment of being alone, why I have such a strong passion for living in nature. To me, the ultimate test of loneliness would be to venture out into a remote location and live in the silence of the forest until humanity is only a distant memory. I believe that I would enjoy such a journey, although I have yet to attempt it so there is no possible way to be sure.
For me, loneliness and silence are medicinal to the soul and spirit. As Gros mentioned, chatter turns everything to nonsense, and I completely agree. Some people mentioned in class how they are unable to fall asleep in silence and while on our walk, my peers informed me of their inability to sleep in the silence of the outdoors. Where I am able to comprehend the dislike of loneliness, I cannot understand the hatred of silence. Silence provides so much peace and removes one from the hustle and bustle of life. In my opinion, loneliness and silence should function in unison for their effect to be fully experienced. These two things seem to bring sadness to most people and I believe that is because no one has experienced a healthy version of these two things. If everyone could reflect in silence and be alone for a short while, I feel humanity will become more enlightened.

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  1. I personally believe that loneliness and silence are two completely different things. Silence is where you are in fact alone, by yourself, with only your thoughts to give you company. This can be good for the spirit and soul. Then there is loneliness. Loneliness is where you feel alone, where you feel you have noone to talk to, noone who understands you, noone you can trust. This is detrimental for the soul and spirit