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Monday, September 19, 2016

Pain and Pleasure

(H3) After our readings I began thinking more on if I would rather have a life that is absent of pleasure but had no pain, or a life with no pain but an absence of pleasure. It took a few hours of truly contemplating it to figure out which I would prefer because we all desire to have no pain and all pleasure in our life if it was possible. Pain is a part of life and while it is not enjoyable, it makes us who we are and helps us grow exponentially as people. Those who have gone through the most pain in life often work much harder and are much kinder than those who have not. If you do not know pain then you do not know how good the pleasure is. The pain in life makes you even more grateful for the good times when you have them. If you had no pain and no pleasure then life would be just bland.
         An automatic reaction may be to desire the life with no pain but after thinking awhile I would rather have a life that involved both pain and pleasure. If there is no pleasure in life then it wouldn't feel like living at all, it would simply be going through motions with almost no emotions. The pain that comes along with life makes me a stronger person and develops my character and I wouldn't be who I was without the painful experiences I've endured. The times in my life of great pleasure are also where I reflect on when things weren't so great and I am thankful for what I have. A life that includes both pleasure and pain is, in my opinion, a much more fulfilled life than a life with neither.

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  1. I also thought a lot about this after my Thursday class. I Would much rather have a life filled with both pain and pleasure. I have had moments in my life where I felt numb and empty and I would never wish to live like that permanently.