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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Skepticism: Seeing is believing H1

Skeptics believe that believing in something should be a futile task. Their doctrine states that nobody should believe in something without concrete proof . What exactly constitutes "proof" and how much "proof" is needed for believing in an idea changes from skeptic to skeptic and from issue to issue. Skepticism also can be that fully believing in something is always uncertain and if you have the proof it might not be enough. This doctrine completely defies "faith" as we use it today being  that faith is seeing is not always believing and trusting in something that you can't for sure prove. This schooling of philosophy really spoke to me in that I am not the type of person to put my stock in something i don't know about. I don't enjoy not being able to be 100% sure about something before i put my trust in it. I do believe that seeing is believing. Along with this i do not like the murphy's law ideals of stoicism. You should be able to act with your emotions along with your mind. They can coexist perfectly fine. I think everyone should act somewhat with their logical thoughts and some with emotions. Too much of one or the other can lead to problems in making decisions. But in conclusion, the ideas of skepticism and seeing to be able to believe seems like the more reasonable philosophy to me, and allows you to question things logically as well as let your emotions drive you to the proof you desire to put your faith in something. 

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