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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Preservation of Earth

                As Professor Oliver mentioned, our planet is in need of preservation if the future generations of humanity are to flourish and potentially expand beyond our planet. I am a strong advocate of environmental protection. . I believe that everyone should take the initiative to protect the world through Leave No Trace ideals and recycling.
In the past, I was a boy scout and in that program we were taught several things about the environment and most importantly the policies of Leave No Trace. Leave No Trace is preservation of the environment through duties assigned to the individual who visits any area. Essentially, one must dispose of all trash properly and make it seem as if their presence in an area was nonexistent at camp and on the trail. I believe all people should practice this simple principle in order to preserve our home, not just in the outdoors, but also in the commercial areas. To not do so is just selfish. Most people believe that their single action won’t have a significant consequence, however, these people fail to understand that if everyone has the same mindset then 1 piece of litter will become 7 billion and one trampled wildflower will lead to a barren meadow
In addition to Leave No Trace, I believe that recycling is another necessity in preserving our earth. Many cities have done a great job at encouraging recycling, such as Franklin, TN. My aunt who lives here recycles to avoid paying a fine for excessive trash, and that is an effective incentive for most people. Garbage produces many problems: Landfills take up valuable land, litter kills animals and pollutes the environment, and chemicals drastically affect the growth of certain ecosystems. The solution is recycling. Recycling reduces waste, making for more space for us to thrive and allowing the natural world to be less affected by our presence.
The preservation of the environment should be the most pressing issue today. Politicians and society should be looking for ways to help save our world, not by increasing minimum wage or building walls, but through energy efficiency and preservation. Different social classes and ethnicities should be working together to help solve our environmental issues. (H2)

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