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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Philosophy of a Single Man

I would like to think that no matter who you are, you have some kind of affinity to question things around you. Philosophize about whatever kind of things make your head spin or you consider to be an evident truth in the mysteries around you. As I read from The History of Western Philosophy I notice so many strange ideas had occurred back in the early days of Philosophy. I would start with the Cynics. Cynic, now-a-days, usually refers to someone who has negative opinions about other people and about the things people do. But when talking about Diogenes, we are referring to a man who made a point to look at everything that has grown from our hunter/gather origins and call it false. Believing we should got back to the root elements of early society. This idea would not seem uncommon if not for how it is describe. “He decided to live like a dog, and therefore called a ‘cynic,’ which means ‘canine.’” (231). His rejection of most common conventions would today be seen as kind of crazy, he would be viewed as a homeless loon. Epicurus, was not as peculiar in my opinion. I liked his outlook on luxuriousness as being inconvenient. Even today in malls or hardware stores or what have you, I feel like there are just so many choices that don’t need to be made. Like who really needs half of the stuff that they offer. Some Philosophers I feel hold real relevance to today while others are a little more exotic then most would like to admit.

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