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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Discussion Posting (9/14/2016)

Are each of us born with a specific essence? If so, does this essence change throughout our lives, or do we retain a certain unchangeable foundation to our personalities, attitudes, etc.? Is there a universal human essence that we all find common ground with? Personally, I believe that we are all born with a unique essence that is the core of who we are/will become as a person. To be clear, I do not think this essence is who we are, I think it shapes who we are. I also believe that it is changeable. I think that our personalities are based on the situations, experiences, and people that have been entered our lives. Our basic essences contribute to how we react and handle these events.
         It is obvious that all humans share some sort of fundamental quality that draws us to one another. We all possess various levels of empathy and compassion for other humans, and are wired to connect with each other. This has been biologically proven countless times in humans as well as other species. I think this innate social longing is vital to our existence. It is the way in which we survive and grow as individuals as well as the human race.

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