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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Free Will? H02

     I'm not really sure how to define Free Will. I mean, there's the obvious idea that every "spirit" or "soul" has the ability to choose their destiny and their path. This is the most accepted concept, and is one of the easiest to comprehend.
     However, there's also the idea of prophecies- that when someone is told something negative will happen, that their actions to prevent the prophecy will cause it to come true. If they had just accepted their fate, then the prophecy never would have been filled.
     Many people are scared of the idea of Free Will, because they are afraid of having responsibility for their own actions. It's much easier to blame biology or circumstances than actually admitting personal fault.
     However, people are also scared of the idea of NOT having free will, because this leads to stand that no matter what actions are taken to make something, there's no way to control what happens to the soul after leaving this plain.
     I think the most important concept to gain from the idea of free will is that we honest and truly don't know what comes after life, or if what we do has any meaning. However, I like to believe that if we get to bring one thing with us to the afterlife, it's our memories, and if this is true then I want to be proud of my accomplishments and work to make myself happy.


  1. I agree. Even if in the end we do not have free will and everything was predetermined, I still want to live a good life because I do not know what comes after

  2. I believe that everyone who worries themselves with this question, not saying it isn't important, is worrying their life away with no reason. Even if everything is predetermined, how would we ever know? How would we ever find out what is our choice and what isnt?