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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stoicism: It Can Always Get Worse.

          During my reading, the philosophy that stood out to me the most was that of the Stoics. I believe that I gravitated towards this because, as a student of philosophy, I am always looking for ways to apply what I learn to my own life, and Stoicism seems to be one form of philosophy that can apply to anyone's life. No matter your social standing, race, or gender, Stoicism is applicable AND useful. So much of philosophy seems to deal with issues out of our control, be it the true nature of reality, or the origins of the universe. However, Stoicism seems to have all the makings of a philosophy which can work to better the lives of normal people.
          Stoicism revolves around accepting the fact that there is always the chance that things can always get worse. At first glance this seems like an extremely negative outlook, but the Stoics manage to turn this truth into a avenue for contentment. After one has accepted the fact that things can always get worse, the next truth, is that even though things could go incredibly poorly, you will be okay. This is what makes Stoicism the "Everyman's Philosophy." This idea that you will always end up okay is applicable to anyone, from any walk of life.
          As a music major, I've had plenty of people warn me of the grave future that awaits me as a struggling artist. Stoicism teaches me that I should accept these dire warnings as very real possibilities, but know that I will be okay in the end. To me, that's very comforting.


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