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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Primitive Walking

I think walking can easily bring happiness. It's a simple, primitive, human thing. The very being of ourselves, other than breathing, eating, drinking. To move is essential to the person. And if you're anything like me, I really enjoy the other primitive things (like eating and drinking), so walking is a no-brainer. "What dominates in walking, away from ostentation and showing off, is the simple joy of feeling your body in the most primitively natural activity" (Philosophy of Walking 143). Especially when walking just to walk (walking can suck when you have to walk across campus in 90 degree heat). Walking when not just passing moments to and fro buildings can be an experience. I think nature come hand-in-hand with walking, especially in order to properly think or meditate. Maybe I’m just spoiled to living in the country, but I would have a lot of trouble trying to focus on “why’s” and “how’s” when surrounded by people, concrete, and cars. Walking to meditate is something I began picking up since I was a kid and my dad and I went on walks. We didn’t even speak half the time, we just simply enjoyed our surroundings and company. Now I’m partial to walking just on my own. To quote The Philosophy of Walking, “The experience of walking…which as we know brings joy…when it is at rest, of fullness or plenitude, that secondary, deeper, more fundamental joy, linked with a more secret affirmation: the body breathes gently, I am alive and I am here”.  

Caroline Gunter (H1)


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  1. When considering the natural being of people. We have to conceder that naturally humans do not have air conditioning so the human body would get more used to the hotter and cooler weather. Then perhaps walking in 90 degree weather would have seemed more comfortable if we did not have the luxury of air conditioning.