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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Walking and Talking... but why?

Walking and talking, two things that people do quite regularly. When walking, as Gros tries to explain within Chapter 10, everything that worried you, haunted you, or you just couldn’t let go of drifts away into nothing. It sounds like walking creates your own special void that you can get wrapped up in and enjoy the world around your space. But we don’t really take that time to just enjoy the world around us because we, as human beings, are always so caught up in time. How much time we have left, how much time it takes from point A to point B, we act as though we don’t have enough time to do anything. So to walk and just wander is almost a luxury to us now. Something we don’t get often.
             What about a good conversation? When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation about something that wasn’t pointless now? I think we’d all like to think we have pretty meaningful conversations with ourselves at least. You know, without the split personality disorder. Conversations with ourselves could mean we are just trying to get expert advice on our own actions and ideals. Because no one should know you better then you… but often times you do things that people will notice long before you do. So what would be the point in conversing with ourselves while we walk. Walking and talking… things we learned to do at very young ages. Why does it seem that talking is always something that gets you into or out of trouble but walking is so distant from that?

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