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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Email From Thomas Aquinas

Dear Bertie,

As kind as you have been to me is several ways, I feel it is time we separate and disassociate from one another. My reasons for this are admittedly self-serving, but I believe you will benefit as well, since your readers will have less for which to accuse you. You see, though you do me the honor of an entire chapter in your History of Western Philosophy, you hold that I am not a true philosopher. You base this accusation on the fact that my faith led me to know my conclusions before reaching them; which indeed is true, but I must disagree with you on your belief that that disqualifies me from the category of philosopher. Are there not many other philosophers whose intellectual integrity you do not question, yet who also supported their previously held ideas? What pattern have I broken? You yourself hold that your lack of belief in the Christian God comes from following arguments to their logical conclusion, but is it fair to say that at some point, upon reaching your conclusion, there were more arguments to hear that you eagerly dismantled in accordance with your own assumptions from old arguments? I am not claiming to be superior to you, that would be most impious, but I am saying we are equal. You, my friend, possess your fair share of faith: in yourself. This faith in self manifested most uncouthly in a somewhat sarcastic overview of only a meager sample of my works; whichever ones you saw fit to mention. Is such conduct fair to students whose only introduction to my philosophy may come from you?

Oh, and I didn't invent these doctrines, I discovered them.


-Thomas Aquinas

PS I am inclined to believe Augustine might agree with me.

PSS Computers are cool. Would have made writing over 200 books way easier. How many books have you written Bertie?

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