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Thursday, September 22, 2016

When walking we truly aren't alone.


It's impossible to be alone. That is a fact. Even when you are physically alone you still have your thoughts (mind) to deal with; it is the shadow that never leaves. Sometimes the mind is an unwanted guest, sometimes it's welcoming like a breath of fresh air, or pecan pie (in my case). When we walk for long periods of time it clears our heads, our minds. We start to wonder off into thoughts we may have not pondered upon in our normal routine. Walking allows us to transcend into a reality we have long forgotten.  
Silence, another guest we can take for granted, just like our mind. Not much time is left in this modern life for us to just contemplate on our silence and just not think of anything in our daily lives. Silence can be as therapeutic as a lullaby or massage. Some people don’t like silence, and that is alright. Some people don’t understand silence or just don’t need it. That, is alright as well. As long as your are aware of your feelings and needs, its alright in the end. To me silence, from time to time, is like a therapy session; it allows me to look inside myself and find what I truly want/need  that will make me happy. 
Now, if you don’t much care for your own thoughts (mind) or the company of others BUT still don’t want to be alone... well, you aren't. There are birds, trees, insects, wildlife, rivers, etc. Yes. All those things can be of company or therapeutic essence. For me, when I go hiking I love stopping from time to time and staying still for a few seconds to take in the landscape; listen to the birds or the river/stream nearby; listen to the insects or the squirrels footsteps on the Fall leaves. You might be amazed at how amazing these sounds and presences are if you try it.  

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