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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Free Will versus Morals

      I think that everyone does truly have free will. However, our morals get in the way of free will. The only thing that truly stops someone from killing another human being is the notion that it is wrong. The notions come from morals that are taught to use at very young ages. You could say that are free will is taken away by the teaching of morals, however, I do not agree with this either. Individuals morals can change, and people often abandon them in times of crisis. Some argue that rules, regulations, and laws also restrict free will. Individual's willingness to abide to the aforementioned aspects of government is because they feel a moral obligation to obey their government. If rules truly restricted free will than no one would be capable of breaking a law. In contrast to my previous statements I cannot decide my place on free will in regards to prisons. In a prison cell you do not necessarily have the free will to just get up and leave. They still have the free will to think whatever they please, however, they are truly restricted by the government. On the other hand, nothing is stopping them from attempting to break out. Whether or not they get out is based on their skill level or intelligence. Looking at it in this sense, they do have free will-they just have to be intelligent enough. (H1)

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