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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I would go through heaven and hell for you

Which would you prefer to believe? That heaven and hell exist or that they do not? It's astonishing how many people would prefer that they don't, but why is that so? Well, for starters people dislike thinking that their actions on are earth are being judged and that one day they could either be rewarded for the good or tortured for the bad. The idea of heaven isn't unappealing except that people figure that by doing good that is enough to earn a place in heaven, and when they hear that that being good isn't good enough, they freak out because that means they'll go to hell. In the end, most people choose to believe that neither exist. The sad reality is that this leaves very little motivation for trying to be a good person or lead an upstanding and moral life. When there is no judgement to pay or life after this life, then why bother living a "good" life here and now? Why not do what we want even if it's immoral? Perhaps we do good because of the momentary satisfaction it provides. Perhaps it's because we feel judgement from others if we do bad, both social and legal. Whatever the case is, it's astounding how some people would prefer to die and essentially fade into nothingness, then to have a chance at eternal life. Yes, no one truly knows what happens after death, in the sense that no one in a non-Christian sense has come back from the dead to tell us about the afterlife, but I personally don’t see why you would choose to believe that heaven and hell don’t exist. Doesn’t it seem lonelier and sadder to live your life only to die and fade away? Doesn’t it seem more appealing and rewarding to see that you have life beyond this life? And a better one at that.

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