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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A society too self-absorbed?

Perhaps solitude could be enjoyed if individuals could accept themselves for who they are. Today, it seems that everyone is comparing themselves to one another. One’s physical features, aspirations, success, personalities, and more are contrasted against another’s characteristics, causing either jealousy or a sense of arrogance. Why is this? 
I feel- at least in the United States- that most people are too caught up in themselves and are less concerned for one another; while loving yourself is important, all that matters isn’t how “I” look or how successful “I” am… As a whole, perhaps our culture is self-absorbed. There are at least four main social media platforms that allow individuals to create a profile and post pictures, videos, words, et cetera that people can “like”. It seems foolish that one could ever be judged on trivial matters, yet it happens daily. 
  A friend of mine went to Panama a couple years ago on a mission trip and explained to me the reaction of the children when introduced to the popular front camera on cell phones. These kids were amazed at the technology, but even more so at their faces pictured on the screen. How different would our society be if mirror images of ourselves weren’t so accessible? 


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