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Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Am the Ghost of MTSU

Relating to both those who suffer tendencies of socially outcast students as well as those who partake in peripatetic philosophy, it often feels as though I am a ghost roaming this campus. Rather than to go outside, I become outside as Fredric Gros marked being the difference between a normal walk and a peripatetic walk. Rather than go outside, I am of outside. The best time to haunt the campus is in the middle of a weekday in which the vast majority of students are making their way towards or just now exiting their courses. If I am alone, which I most likely am, I remove myself from the crowd, and become a ghost who haunts this university. As I attempt to philosophize during my walk, the chatter and bustle is oh so subtly influenced by the students’ feeling of a slight chill or foreign presence as they brush by the ghost of MTSU, a student who is brashly reaching for a higher state of conscience, and even if that attempt descends my being to much lower than the students converging around me, I can still look up and see a variety of students from a plethora of ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds who don’t see why I’m trying cross that line. That line of philosophy. And as a result, they are haunted by the ghost of MTSU.


  1. Some people will often say that there is more privacy in a crowded party. Which doesn't make a lot of sense until you consider the point of view of this essay. Amongst a great amount of people it gives you the ability to disappear.

  2. This reminds me of the scenes in movies where there's an apparent rapid mass of people going to and fro in the background, but a single person is highlighted.