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Friday, September 2, 2016

I've been thinking a lot about the pale blue dot video by Carl Sagan, which many other people have as well, and would like to share my viewpoint on the topic. A lot of posts I've seen have been about how insignificant and tiny it makes the world that we live on seem, and has made many even wonder about our existence at all. While I believe that this video is designed to make the viewer think, I don't believe that an existential crisis is the best or most appropriate response to have. In fact, I believe the opposite is true. After all, our world is made up of infinite "pale blue dots". Your home is a pale blue dot to your town, your town is a pale blue dot to your state, etc. The world that we live in is a bunch small pale blue dots connected to make a slightly larger one. When I think about how small we are in comparison to the universe, I feel a sense of relief, a sense of peace. What I do does not affect the universe in the grand scheme of things, and my worries and troubles are insignificant. The universe doesn't worry about me; why should I worry about it? I believe that we are here to make the most of our lives by enjoying life and living it to the fullest, enjoying this pale blue dot for the time that we inhabit it. I think that our lives should be spent doing what we enjoy, as to make an impact on the world that we live in, no matter how small it may seem. After, we are just a pale blue dot.

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  1. (h1)
    I agree completely. I have a minor obsession with the need to matter, and the idea that I don't is odldy comforting...