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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The World as a Puzzle

“Some scientists can't see the philosophical forest for the trees and thus become trapped in generational prejudice. They become philosophy jeerers, programmatically Ionian but without the enchantment.
I believe that this is a reoccurring problem in society. People see things, make small inferences about them and store those inferences away without ever connecting them back to the bigger picture. It’s like if scientists gathered a whole bunch of data from an experiment but did no analysis of how it actually reflected on their hypothesis and therefore disregarded the experiment as inconclusive.
This is why it’s important to keep our philosophical ideas near the surface of our consciousness: so that when a connection point for a piece of knowledge you possess comes into play, you haven’t hidden that piece of knowledge so deeply in the mind as to overlook the importance of it in relation to other pieces of knowledge. I believe in the theory that the Ionian enchantment presented, stating that the world is orderly and can be explained by a number of consistent laws. Of course, some things have proven, so far, to be beyond our comprehension. For example, paranormal experiences and encounters. But perhaps we have simply not found the laws that can explain such things because we’re too busy looking at the trees and using Sally Browns philosophy of “no” to deny further investigation of such things.
I urge you, then, to keep an open mind and never forget that the world is like a puzzle, and everyone has different pieces of it that will help us complete the full picture in order to see the world for what it truly is. We must contend to share things, to widen each other’s horizons and, rather than trying to create new pieces that will fit in the empty holes of our puzzle, we must look at the ones we have in different ways to find where they rightfully belong. 


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