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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Socrates and God (H2).

      This week is all about Socrates, form his Metaphysics to his political and religious views and more. The part about Aristotle that I found to have most in common with was his view on God. I, personally, don’t believe that we should strive to please an entity that we can't see nor hear nor feel. Now, I am not saying that doing so is wrong, no. I am saying, though, that we have more to worry about here and now, in the present, to be concerning ourselves with something beyond, something Ethereal. I think believing in a God is more of a Platonic view than anything, since Plato was the one who looked upon the "beyond" whereas Socrates and Aristotle looked towards the Earth, the present, the physical. Anyways, I have come to understand Aristotle more due to this class. At home I have many books from Socrates to Aristotle, but as a singular person not being able to reflect with others , until now, it can be difficult to discern what this philosophers meant, well, any philosopher for that matter. So, in conclusion, I resonate with Socrates idea of God, and how said God has nothing to do with us aside from creating us. Hopefully I wont get someone acting all crazy towards my writing due to their beliefs being different from mine. Lets all be adults. :)

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