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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Peripatetic Walk

In our group walk today during class, we discussed what each person would do if they had the ability to turn invisible. While some of us agreed we would use it for a few personal reasons, and of course, more selfless ideas. We talked about using it to benefit our military tactics as well as get insight on things that would keep the United States always ahead. Even though we had multiple reasons to want to hold onto the capability, our group thought about the cons as well. A power like that falling into the wrong hands could pose more danger than it would do good. 


  1. What if the U.S. were led by a narcissistic, chauvinistic, racist megalomaniac? Wouldn't those be "the wrong hands"?

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  2. "The wrong hands" to me would simply be someone who chooses to do more harm than good to humanity and this world. While having such a power would be exhilarating, I personally do not believe that any one person should have such a power because people are easily corruptible by power and most likely not use it for the betterment of humanity and this world.