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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nameless 8 (17-1)

This seams pointless now that only three people of the group showed up. THREE! But I digress, we did not have discussion groups today, well not really. So Molly and Kayla will get a surprise Monday for showing up to class everyday since the presentations. On another note do you agree with Leibniz that this is the best of all possible worlds or with Voltaire that God simply doesn't care? and why. later this weekend I'll add a video dealing with alternative worlds.

Hope to see your comments sincerely

                                            Lee Gish


  1. I'm very sorry I've had to miss some classes recently. I have a respiratory infection at the moment caused by a cold that moved to my lungs. It hasn't been very fun and I do miss speaking in group discussions with everyone. Please don't assume that I'm ditching you all. Please don't disband for the love of everything. I will be back on the following Monday or Wednesday depending on my health. I'm very sorry to disappoint the group and I look forward to seeing you all again.
    Take care,

  2. I can't agree with Leibniz by looking at the world we live in today. Perhaps there was less evil in the world during his time, but what I see around me and hear on the news doesn't bring me to the same conclusion. The amount of good and evil seems too disproportionate. (H3)

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM CDT

    This is Kathryn signing in.....i'm sorry for all you've been going through Taylor and I look forward to seeing you soon. I completely understand as I've been dealing with my own health issues. Hopefully all will be worked out for both of us soon and we can become "refocused." I was thinking back to the talk that Dr. Oliver and I were having on Monday regarding the differences in Spinoza's vs Rorty's views on necessity vs contingency. It was a rather interesting convo that I look forward to us continuing......or maybe i'll save it for my discussion question (lol). I hope everyone is having a good weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday. But I leave you all with "Katt's View" for now: "We will never know unless we seek to find out...and even then, do we (still) REALLY know?"
    FYI: is anyone working on the fq's for the upcoming exam or do we need to discuss it this week?

  4. I know, long time no talk! But Life happens at very inopportune times. So, this is me trying to get caught up!!

  5. FQ- What were the years of David Hume? (1711-76)
    DQ- What do you see thats unusual around you? and how do you explain those situations?
    Comment- Im so sry about being sick and life problems! I understand... thanks lee!
    Link-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3QZ2Ko-FOg there is a 3 min overview of David Hume

  6. I don't fully agree with either Leibniz or Voltaire. As a Christian I know that God cares, but I also know that this world is not the best that it could be simply because we have to deal with sin and every imaginable horror that it comes with.

  7. I think the "perfectness" of the world comes from the continual struggle of man against sin in a heartfelt progression towards salvation in the Glory and Truth of Jesus Christ.

  8. I do think God cares. But I also think the world can always get better. But like the comment above, I also think the "perfectness" of the world comes from struggle. going through troubles, gives things more value and meaning.

  9. unique (sec 16 gr 3)11:47 AM CDT

    i agree with Avery. just know that there will always be bad or sin going on in the world. i think that it is a part of life, to teach you and so you grow. we can all work to make it a better place by first working on ourselves.

  10. Factual questions:
    1. What does Descartes seek? Certainty... what one can know for certain. What would be required to claim knowledge. He first proves that he exists.

  11. 2. Who said que scais-je? Montaigne... denies need for certainty. Questions the extent of his knowledge.