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Monday, October 21, 2013

Nameless 8 (17-1)

Hello barnyard

    Today we talked about Spinoza, Locke, Reid and Rorty(again). In discussion our group discussed Spinoza's view of religion and how God is everything and we went on a tangent about weather pantheism is predestined or not. Personally I believe like Spinoza and that what we did affects what we are going to do. And on the whole God is everything I think there is a little part of God in everything but there is something that has some sort of plan. This video is from the Full Metal Alchemist movie and has some good philosophical points. spoiler alert this is the end of the FMA series. The series is about Edward and Alfonse Elric search for the philosopher stone so they can get Al's body back. The philosophers stone lets a person break the law of equivalent change and create without giving. If you want a better quality click here


  1. jonathan bogasky8:16 PM CDT

    Interesting stuff. I'm a bit of a deist myself. I feel like the world we know has to be a product of intelligent design, but I don't believe that God is active and engaged in it. Just something to think about,

    1. hey sorry but I had the wrong video when you posted

  2. FQ-what where the years of george berkeley's life? )1685-1753)
    DQ- Are you a realist?
    Comment- It was nice to discuss outside
    Link-http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/g/george_berkeley.html has interesting quotes from George Berkeley

  3. This movie seems interesting, even though I'm not into cartoon movies (except Madagascar!), but it seems interesting enough. I also believe that God is apart of everything in this universe and he does have a plan. Everything that happens on this Earth, happens for a reason and it is all apart of God's big plan.

  4. What is you guy's opinion on the Big bang ?