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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Midterm grades, Exam #2

Two quick points of reassurance, and a heads up/head start on exam #2:

1. If you scored 90 or above on exam #1, your midterm grade should have been reported as "A". If it wasn't, that was a clerical error. Ignore it.

(And ignore the midterm grade, for that matter. Everyone who's been participating & "keeping score" (posting summaries, questions, comments, & links) is still in a great position to earn an "A" in the course.)

2. If you study the texts indicated by the 30 factual questions groups in your section have selected, you'll be well prepared for the exam. (If you just memorize Qs & As you won't be.)

(By "study" I mean find the relevant texts, re-read them, identify relevant passages you don't understand, & ask me or a classmate to clarify.)

Also, if you want a shot at full extra credit: write and print two clear and pertinent paragraphs in advance. You may supply your own discussion question pertaining to material covered in October, including midterm report topics; or, you may address this one:  What's the difference between rationalism and empiricism? Illustrate by discussing Locke, Berkeley, Hume, or James AND Descartes, Spinoza, or Leibniz.

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