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Sunday, October 6, 2013


Mon 7/Tue 8: Group #2 Reports: 16/2: Boethius. 17/2: Galileo, Pascal, & Seneca. H2: Monty Python.

Wed 9/Th 10: Group #3 Reports.16/3: Epicurus. 17/3: Superheroes. H3: Harry Potter.

Keep on posting those questions, comments & links, everyone, pertaining to report topics and anything else we've done (or will do) this semester. (I assume you know "Was our presentation long enough?" is not a Factual Question.) Note: your comments on my personal blog also count.

We begin a brand new scorecard this week.

Remember:  If you've kept a clean scorecard and can continue to keep it that way, you won't have to do a final solo report.

A note to sec. H: Remember, you can turn in your required 10-page essay at any time between now and semester's end. If you maintain a clean scorecard you won't also have to do an additional final solo report.

Philosophy Club meets again at Boulevard B&G, Thursday Oct. 10, 4:30 pm. Contact Jon Gill (jonmgill2493@gmail.com) for more info.


  1. Damon McCook 16-1

    Im not an author and no one in our group has posted anything so i will just post here.

    Last week we did our group report on Batman and philosophy. I think the report went well, Ben did an amazing job on the powerpoint and the other speakers did a great job as well. I hope everyone enjoyed it. So we dont have any readings this week since the next two classes are group reports so i am not exactly sure what our factual and discussion questions should be about...

    DQ: Does anyone have any feedback on our group report? What could we have done better? What were the strong points of our report? What did you like about it?
    FQ: We talked about Batman being an Utilitarian, who was the father of Utilitarianism? (Bentham)

    since the next report is on Boethius here is a link to some of his quotes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3km46z47uY

  2. You all should consider joining us at the philosophy club, it's a lot of fun

  3. Andrew 16-111:26 AM CDT

    Just over an hour til group two's presentation. Interested to see what they have came up with.

    Nice to be the first group to go so I can pay great attention to upcoming presentations!


  4. Michael, is the philosophy club cool? I've definitely been considering going to a meeting to find out!