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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The A Team (16-1)

For the first half of class today we took our test.

We determined that I will post on Wednesdays and Xoe will post on Mondays.

In class we talked about Kant and Bentham and briefly Bourke.

Kant-we discussed Kant's distinction between appearance and reality. We see the world according to the spectacles we wear, we cannot know things in themselves, only according to what we see through our lenses. Kant's moral philosophy is to do your duty," never make arbitrary exceptions of yourself and always follow the rational will that you can be universalized". Basically saying that there are no exceptions to rational rule.

Bentham believes its ok to do whatever produces the maximum amount of happiness. Bentham is a consequentialist.

See everyone next week!


  1. I agree that we see the world based on our own biases and perceptions. (H3)

  2. I also agree that we see the world through our own lens, but I feel like you can be trained to see things without judgment of your own lens. I am in cultural anthropology right now and I am basically being trained to interact with other cultures without being offensive and without passing judgment on their customs.
    FQ: Which philosopher was an idealist and compared history to a piece of paper folded up? (Hegel)
    DQ: Do you believe the spirit has a fundamental reason and finds expression in the physical world?
    Here's a link to more information on Hegel and Schopenhauer: http://lauraajournalism.wordpress.com/tag/the-owl-of-minerva-only-flies-at-dusk/

  3. Ricky (16-3)2:53 PM CST

    FQ: ______ is really a method for discovering truth. (Dialectic)
    DQ: Hegel's way of thinking is complicated but he makes the comparison of history as a folded up piece of paper and that we can't know what is in there until it has been opened and unfolded to better our understanding. What do you think of the idea of the paper example?

    Podcast of Hegel

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  5. t's interesting how nothing is entirely correct if its going to one extreme or the other. There's always exceptions and no absolutes. Its a personal belief I hold, and it seems true enough when applied to the multiple theories of morality out there.

    FQ: Which late eighteenth century philosopher coined the terms 'thesis', 'antithesis, and 'synthesis' together? (G.W.F. Hegel)
    DQ: How often to we unknowingly apply Hegel's Dialectic?


  6. Austin Duke9:08 PM CST

    (16-1)Does anyone ever wonder what the point is to knowing all this stuff? Are any of these philosophies about whether or not we can know reality drastically going to change any of our lives?
    FQ- What was Schopenhauer's most important book? (The World as Will and Representation)
    DQ:Is there a single spirit uniting all of humanity?

  7. Ben Nguyen (16-1)8:58 AM CST

    We also learned about how cool Damon is.

    Bentham always brings up the problem: whose happiness is worth more and at what period of time?

  8. Andrew 16-110:32 AM CST

    FQ: What was Skinner's main studies on? (AP 187: Behavioral psychology)
    DQ: At what age do you believe someone can successfully philosophize? Is a childs mind developed enough to think deeply enough about something?

    That test was a little bit harder than the last but i think i did well. I wish everyone else a good grade as well.


  9. Chelsea 16-111:44 AM CST

    Oh I hope they have fixed the A.C. for class today !

    FQ: What kind of outlook did Schopenhauer have on life? (Pessimistic)

    DQ: Do you think you tend to be pessimistic or optimistic in life? What makes you feel that way?

    Link: Schopenhauer quotes

  10. unique 16-312:00 PM CST

    i agree with kant on his philosophy of only seeing things throough our eyes and not for what they are, for the most part.

  11. Courtney 16-312:37 PM CST

    I enjoy the beliefs of Benthman because very few people would agree with only concerning yourself with making yourself happy.

  12. Anonymous1:07 PM CST

    Anthony Helton 16-3
    I hope everybody did well on their tests