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Friday, October 11, 2013

NoPhi (16, 3)

On Wednesday, we presented our group project, and it actually turned out pretty well.

Good job, group 3!



  1. Michael 16-39:35 PM CDT

    FQ: Epicurus has somewhere around how many undocumented writings of which only a few were ever found. (300)

    DQ: If God does bot exist then it is in your favor to act as you like, but if he does exist then it is in your favor to do as he wills. Is it worth the gamble to believe in him or not believe in him? Why?

    Link: http://philosophyoffilm.blogspot.com/2009/03/alfonso-cuaron-on-searching-for-truth.html
    Philosopher Alfonso Cuaron and the search for "Truth" in Film.

  2. Anonymous10:04 AM CDT

    Abigail Jones

    great job everyone with our presentation!

    FQ: What books Rene Descartes write? (Meditation and Discourse on Method)
    DQ: could you imagine waking up but really still be in a dream? Descartes had one and it made him think…how could he be so sure he wasn’t dreaming? So, how are you so sure you were not dreaming?


  3. 16-2
    Great job on your presentation!
    I can't find my groups summary so I will be posting here.
    Before I read about them, I knew that Descartes and Pascal were great mathematicians, but was upset when i learned about their philosophies and theologies. Most people go to church because of their egoism; they would not be going there and ''doing'' all the good deeds if eternal life in heaven wasn't awaiting them after death.

    DQ: What are your thoughts on Pascal's Wager? If you never play, would you place a bet?
    FQ: What does Descartes' "I think, therefore I am'' mean? (As long as one has thoughts, one exists)

    Here is a 3 min philosophy on Descartes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHihkRwisbE

  4. Ricky: Section 16 Group 3

    FQ: What was one of the main ideas in Michel De Montaigne's essay 'Of Experience' ?
    (Answer:The idea that you learn primarily from your own experiences)

    DQ: What does it mean to have existence? How do you know you actually exist?

    Audio that goes along with Montaigne's section in PB

  5. Anonymous3:32 PM CDT

    FQ: Which Philosopher believed that human being are driven by sexual desire, unreliable and easily bored? (Pascal)

    DQ: Descartes concluded, the world exits,and is more or less as it appears,even though we sometimes make mistakes about what we perceive.

    Do you think this is true or just a wish.

    Interesting video about Pascal.

  6. jonathan bogasky4:18 PM CDT

    (16-1)Learned a lot about Epicurus last Wednesday. Good job on the report guys. As for Descartes, I completely believe with the downward slope of his philosophy up until the bit about God giving us sense that can be trusted. Gotta figure out how to work back up the slope on my own I suppose.

    FQ: What does "Cogito ergo sum" mean? (I think, therefore I am)
    DQ: When can we truly trust our senses and where do we draw the line of doubt.

    Here's a 3 minute animated bit about Descartes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHihkRwisbE

  7. FQ: Who considered himself a red-white-and-blue Nietzsche? (Richard Rorty)
    DQ: Descartes assumed that Anselm's ontological argument held up in his philosophy. Do you think he makes a logical argument with it?

    A reading of one of Montaigne's essays: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2BR53Oy0yg

  8. Hailey Lawson11:46 AM CDT

    FQ: What was the name of Epicurus' slave that he allowed into his school? (mouse)
    DQ: Does Epicurus' philosophy on death help you cope with the idea/fear of dying?

  9. FQ: How many generations was Epicurus after Aristotle? (One.)

    DQ: How do you guys think we did on our report? Were you happy with how it turned out?


  10. Courtney 16-312:31 PM CDT

    Great job on our presentation!!!
    FQ: Who said, "you should come to philosophy almost by accident, not set out to philosophize"?
    DQ: What are your opinions on this quote?