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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A-Team Sec 16-1

I do not remember what we talked about last class but here is a spot for people to post. I don't know if my computer is not loading or something because I can only see one post from one other group on the entire website or if he deleted everything for some reason?? Is anyone else having this problem as well?


  1. yes but there is a place by those one posts that says older posts. Thats what I had to click on to get to the other ones.
    Molly 17-1

  2. Austin Duke9:47 AM CDT

    (16-1) Yeah I was having the same problem last night.
    FQ: What was Berkeley's philosophy called? (Immaterialism)
    DQ: Do you agree that this is the best way the world could be because this is the way the world is?

  3. Andrew 16-110:51 AM CDT

    I am having the same problem as well

    FQ: What did Rorty do on his final days alive? (AP 156-157: He read and replied to a number of essays)
    DQ: What would you do on your final week on Earth? How would you react to things differently?


  4. Thanks for posting Xoe, i couldnt see anyone else's post either.

    In class we talked about Rorty and James and a bunch about Spinoza.

    FQ: which American philosopher enrolled at the University of Chicago at the age of 14? ( Rorty)
    DQ: do you believe in Leibniz's thought on our world being the best or Voltaire's outlook of not believing evil is part of a bigger plan?


  5. (16-2) I had some minor trouble looking for my group post as well.

  6. Taylore (16-2)11:36 AM CDT

    The problem maybe that we the website as accumulated so much information over the semester, that it takes long to load them all. I had the same problem as well!

  7. Chelsea 16-112:12 PM CDT

    Oh we had discussed things about the advancement of our world. We questioned how long would it take if everything were wiped out or the people who knew how to make the things we use were gone to rebuild again and become an advanced civilization.

    FQ: What philosopher believed an object ceased to exist when the is no one observing it? (Berkeley)

    DQ: Do you think Berkeley was going against common sense or was he questioning something we have ignored the possibility of?

    Link: George Berkeley YouTube vid.