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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tennessee Philosophical Association


The program for the 45th Annual Meeting of the Tennessee Philosophical Association, including abstracts of papers, is now posted at http://www.tpaweb.org/callforpapers.html.

Tennessee Philosophical Association
45th Annual Meeting: Oct. 25-26, 2013
Vanderbilt University
 Keynote Speaker: Mylan Engel, Northern Illinois University
"Is Theism Irrational?"
Friday, 7:30 P.M., 114 Furman Hall, followed by a spirited reception
Mylan Engel (Ph.D., Arizona) is Professor of Philosophy at Northern Illinois University.  He is a philosopher of wide interests ranging from epistemology and theories of justification, to philosophy of religion, to animal ethics and vegetarianism.  Representative publications include The Philosophy of Animal Rights (co-written with Kathie Jenni - Lantern Books),  "Coherentism and the Justification of Moral Beliefs" (Southern Journal of Philosophy),  "The Commonsense Case against Animal Experimentation" in The Ethics of Animal Research (MIT Press), "Epistemic Luck," (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy), "What's Wrong with Contextualism" (Erkenntnis), "The Mere Considerability of Animals" (Acta Analytica), "Why YOU Are Committed to the Immorality of Eating Meat" (Social and Personal Ethics), "The Possibility of Maximal Greatness Examined" (Acta Analytica), and "Personal and Doxastic Justification in Epistemology" (Philosophical Studies).

Sessions: Saturday, Furman Hall
9:00 am through 4:25 pm
9:00 – 9:55
The Business of Complaining Ethically
Landon Schurtz (University of Oklahoma)
Response: Rick Ray (Northeast State)
Furman 007
Moral Rationalism, Instrumental Rationality, and Psychopathy
Allen Coates (East Tennessee State University)
Response: Elizabeth Edenberg (Vanderbilt University)
Furman 106
Attention and Justified Believing
D.S. Nelson (University of Missouri)
Response: Andrew Naylor (Indiana University South Bend)
Furman 109
The Role of the Schematism in Kant’s First and Third Critiques
William Britton (University of Memphis)
Response: Erin Bradfield (University of the South)
Furman 209
Bioethics and Respect for Tradition
Gregory L. Bock (Walters State Community College)
Response: Matthew Pianalto (Eastern Kentucky University)
Furman 217
Why Homosexual Sex is Immoral
Timothy Hsiao (Florida State University)
Response: Emily McGill (Vanderbilt University)
Furman 007
William James’ Pragmatic Religious Attitude and the Limits of American Ethnocentrism
Darla Migan (Vanderbilt University)
Response: Sam von Misener (Belmont University)
Furman 106
Too Much Higher-Order Knowledge (For Reliabilism)
Jacob N. Caton (Arkansas State University)
Response: Andrew Harrison (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Furman 109
Nietzschean Patience
Matthew Pianalto (Eastern Kentucky University)
Response: Peter Antich (University of Kentucky)
Furman 209
Vagueness and Neutrality
Darren Hibbs (Nova Southeastern University)
Response: Scott Aikin (Vanderbilt University)
Furman 217
Rethinking Prima Facie Duties
David Kaspar (St. John's University)
Response: Allen Coates (East Tennessee State University)
Furman 007
The Garden of Eden and Divine Command Theory
Charles E. Cardwell (Pellissippi State)
Response: Caleb Clanton (Lipscomb University)
Furman 106
AUTHOR MEETS CRITICS: Varieties of Epistemic Luck
Mylan Engel, Jr. (Northern Illinois University)
Critical Replies from: Thomas Dabay (Vanderbilt University) and Andrew Forcehimes (Vanderbilt University)
Furman 109
Alcoholics Anonymous & God: The Sobering Affect Of The Pragmatic Method
Sam von Mizener (Belmont University)
Response: Phil Oliver (Middle Tennessee University)
Furman 209
Against Popularization
Noel Boyle (Belmont University)
Response: Mark Michael (Austin Peay University)
Furman 217
Business Meeting – Election of President and SecretaryFurman 109
12:05-1:25: Lunch (On Your Own)
AUTHOR MEETS CRITICS: Liberalism, Stability and Fairness
John Garthoff (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Critical Replies from: Paul Morrow (Vanderbilt University) and Mark Michael (Austin Peay University)
Furman 007
On the Rationality of Mystical-Perceptual Practice
Amanda Silbernagel (University of Kentucky)
Response: Brian Ribeiro (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)
Furman 106
Moderate Justificational Preservationism Defended
Andrew Naylor (Indiana University, South Bend)
Response: Jacob N. Caton (Arkansas State University)
Furman 109
AUTHOR MEETS CRITICS: Hegel’s Metaphysics: Language and Actuality
Andrew Davis (Belmont University)
Critical Replies from: Sasha Alekseyeva (Vanderbilt University) and Garrett Bredeson (Vanderbilt University)
Furman 209
Q: What is Real: Realism or Anti-Realism? A: Yes.
J. Kenneth Arnette (Independent Scholar)
Response: Norman Whitman (Vanderbilt University)
Furman 217
Can Truth Play A Role in Public Reason?
Elizabeth Edenberg (Vanderbilt University)
Response: Qianlu Ying (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Furman 007
Secular vs. Religious Obligations to Forgive
Court Lewis (Owensboro Community and Technical College)
Response: Landon Schurtz (University of Oklahoma)
Furman 106
Threshold Accounts of Belief and the Problem of Non-.5 Suspension
Andrew Harrison (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Response: Georgi Gardiner (Rutgers University)
Furman 109
Into Earliness: Early Death, Sacrifice, and Unripe Words in Heidegger
Peter Antich (University of Kentucky)
Response: C.J. Davies (Vanderbilt University)
Furman 209

The Persistence of Mindreading in Ratcliffe's Embodied-Situated Model of Interpersonal Understanding

Guilherme Sanches de Oliveira (University of São Paulo, Brazil & Georgia Institute of Technology)
Response: Noel Boyle (Belmont University)
Furman 217
Waterboarding and the Platinum Rule
Mark Coppenger (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Response: Luke Semrau (Vanderbilt University)
Furman 007
Theism, Presentism, and Truth’s Relation to Being
Allen S. Gehring Jr. (Brescia University)
Response: Amanda Silbernagel (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Furman 106
On Morality’s Immunity to Luck
Qianlu Ying (University of Tennessee (Knoxville)
Response: David Kaspar (St. John's University)
Furman 109
Stoicism and Feminism: A Close Miss
Scott Aikin (Vanderbilt University) and Emily McGill (Vanderbilt University)
Response: Amy McKiernan (Vanderbilt University)
Furman 209
How Animalists Can Survive the Corpse Problem
Joshua L. Watson (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Response: Jonathan Garthoff (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Furman 217