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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Philosophers Guild

I am not sure who was supposed to write the blog. It may have been me in which case I apologize :)
We discussed our discussion questions, and I for one really enjoyed talking about evolution, what is means, how it can be seen in the world, what it means to everyone. I hope that everyone else enjoyed the discussion as well. Anyway, everyone enjoy the test tomorrow!! :)


  1. It was a pleasure to join your group as a floater, I found the discussion very interesting.

  2. Factual question: who is now regarded as one of the founders of modern conservatism? (Burke)
    Discussion question: Without government would our world really fall apart or could life still go on fairly normal?
    Comment: I was a floater and it was very different changing from group to group it was very hard to transition conversations completely and leave one once it started to get good.
    Link here is a link to an article on Burke

    1. I feel that the government is so far removed from our daily lives that we are kind of living without a government at this point. True, police officers and politicians are accessible to us, but they do not insert themselves into our private affairs. In a way, the government is simply a figure head to keep us from doing insane things like murder or forming armed factions.

  3. Factual: What is the world that lies behind appearances according to Kant? (the noumenal world)
    Discussion: Do you believe that there is another world that exist along side our own?
    Comment: Floaters were interesting. I feel that they stimulated the conversations.
    Links: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/311398/Immanuel-Kant
    I commented on Jody's question