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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Philosophers Guild(H)

I do not believe we selected an author last class so if anyone wants to get there comment done this will be up.  We had a large discussion with Dr. Oliver for the main bulk of our discussion and  touched on many of the realist ideas brought up in Dr. Oliver's discussion. 

Factual question:
Who stated that one cannot "deduce values from facts"?
Answer: Hilary Putnam

Philosophical question:
Does Richard Rorty seem (from our limited view of him) to despise Americans?
Alternately what seems to be the goal of pragmatism as a school of philosophical study?



  1. Factual: Who attempted to disprove Berkeley's theory of object permanence by kicking a stone? (Samuel Johnson)
    Discussion: do you agree with Berkeley's thought that if we cannot see something it does not exist?
    Comments: I liked our discussion of Spinoza
    Links: http://www.iep.utm.edu/berkeley/
    I commented on No PHi

  2. Factual question: what philosopher had the theory of immaterialism? (Berkeley)
    Discussion question: could our reality really be in our heads rather than really there?
    Comment: I loved our discussion on Spinoza and the many side thoughts that came along with it.
    Link: here is a link to an article about Berkeley