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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


For some reason my digital sticky notes in the upper right margin are frozen, so here's the latest:

Today we'll grade Monday's exam in class before our Batman/Oz reports in #16 & #17, respectively. Groups, please print your summaries & turn them in, signed, when you begin your presentation.

I'll bring a stapler. But heads up for the future: please don't ever turn in an un-stapled report. Every college student should own a stapler and not be afraid to use it.

The other thing everybody needs to do today, since we're finishing our first scorecard: tally your TOTAL BASES and write that number in the appropriate column (which I'll point out).

We begin a new scorecard next week. If anyone want to try a new group, join it Monday.

While we're doing group reports we all need to continue posting questions, comments, and links pertaining to the report topics. Reply either to your group's posted summary, or anywhere else.
And one more little thing, for group #17: if anybody wants coffee or tea, from now on, please send an emissary/barista to my office upstairs (307B) a few minutes before class to help me schlep it down the stairs. I'll need help getting it back upstairs after class, too.Any time you do that, consider it a "comment" and score it accordingly.



M 30- Exam #1 (#s 16-17);
T 1 - " " " (#H1)...
Work on group reports

W 2/Th 3 - Group #1 midterm reports
SUN p.m. Check the Study Guide update for new info...

SUN a.m. Stealing a minute from Parents' Weekend to check in. Some groups still haven't integrated their 10 FQs into the study guide, I've updated it as best I could.

May I suggest: in the future, all group postsshould be headlined with Section/Group #s in front of the post heading. For instance: "16/1: exam #1 study guide, short list"

A reminder to assist your report research: check the sites & links listed below...

The 2d informal meeting of the MTSU undergraduate Philosophy Club at Boulevard Bar & Grille will be on Thursday, Oct, 3 4:30 pm. Contact Jon Gill(jonmgill2493@gmail.com) for more information.

Student Anthony Key (ak4k@mtmail.mtsu.edu) has a generous offer for anyone eager to acquire one of the "pop culture & philosophy" titles for their midterm group report: he'll "convert an ebook purchased from the Amazon store into a pdf format and distribute that to the students within the group that are covering that book. I believe that's all legal under "educational fair use".

So if one group wishes to purchase an ebook, a representative from that group can contact me and we can coordinate how to handle the purchase and the conversion." Thanks, Anthony!

Previous Announcements can be found at the bottom of this page.

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