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Monday, October 7, 2013

Pessimistic Philosoraptors (17,3)

How foolish these mortals be!

First we waste all our time and then we underestimate one of the greatest minds that has ever lived. Here's a link to that amazing video about Blaise Pascal, and here's a link to Seneca's epistle on saving time.

I'll pose some discussion questions for you guys:

Do you agree with the idea behind Pascal's Wager?

Do you agree with Seneca's idea that we should be more pessimistic?

Here's some closing comments:

Dr. Oliver's discussion of Stoicism and pessimism made me think about our "American philosophy" of pragmatism. In my opinion, pessimism isn't very proactive, and therefore, not pragmatic. That being said, I think we should all lean more towards that idea of "stoic pragmatism," for it avoids both extremes and allows for all the benefits of both philosophies. It perfectly exemplifies Aristotle's "Golden Mean," which philosophers (including Aristotle), when talking about their specific philosophy, seem to avoid.

Farewell Philosoraptors!


  1. Well I don't agree with Seneca's idea that we should be more pessimistic. If you go around only thinking the negative then you will become a negative and unhappy person. I think its important to be optimistic but realistic. Hope for the best but understand that bad things can happen and you need to be prepared when they do.

  2. I can see what seneca's purpose is to say all the things that could go bad that day therefore your not disappointed if they do but im not sure if it would work all that well
    Molly 17-1