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Monday, October 28, 2013

Sec 17 Group 1's FQs

What were the years of David Hume? (1711-76)

Descartes believed that God could be proven with ________, while Pascal believed that the belief in God was a matter of the ________ and _______. (logic; heart, faith)

What was Rorty's characterization of pragmatism? A: anti-essentialism applied to notions like truth, knowledge, and similar objects of philosophical.

What were John Lockes dates of life? (1632-1704)

What is the state in which you are sleeping but you dream that you're awake and carrying on with normal day life, until suddenly you realize you're in a dream? (false awakenings)

what where the years of george berkeley's life? )1685-1753)

What was the point Twitchell made in Carnival Culture? A: we are losing the ability to distinguish between refined and vulgar.

What does Descartes seek? Certainty... what one can know for certain. What would be required to claim knowledge. He first proves that he exists.

Who said que scais-je? Montaigne... denies need for certainty. Questions the extent of his knowledge.

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