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Monday, October 28, 2013

10 FQ Philosoraptors

Here are the 10 FQ's. If you recognize your question and happen to have the page marked in your book/know what page it is on, please let me know today in class so I can add the page numbers.

Q: Who came up with the argument of "the wager"?
A: Pascal
Q: What is Descartes's best known contribution to mathematics?
A: The Cartesian coordinates, or Cartesian plane. (LH pg. 63)
Q: What philosopher wrote the book "Ethics", but did not live to see it published?
A: Spinoza
Q: Which Scottish philosopher, influenced by John Locke, set out to explain the nature                                                     humanity and our place in the universe? (p. 100)

A: Hume
Q: Which of Berkeley's contemporaries said, "I refute this" while kicking a stone across a street           and denying Berkeley's philosophy?

A: Samuel Johnson

Q: Which philosopher considered descriptions to be broken into two categories: Primary and Secondary?    
A: John Locke   
Q: What philosopher viewed the world as a "puzzle" and it is not what we think it is, but simply   just a projection of our mind?
A: Berkeley
Q: What philosopher wrote his book "the Ethics" in geometrical style?
A: Spinoza

Q: What philosopher believed that an object is just a collection of ideas that you and other        people have of it and that it doesn't have any existence beyond that? 
A: Berkeley
Q: Why was Spinoza excommunicated from the Jewish church?
A: He believed that God and Nature were one in the same, and that God does not care about     anything or anyone, because that would be assigning human-like characteristics to an unhuman entity.


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