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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Missed Slides- The Philosophers Guild

Since my slides were skipped and then we ran out of time on Tuesday I thought I would just post my part of the Presentation here. The Essay I was evaluating was "A Very Naughty Boy: Getting Right with Brian" by Randall Auxier. In this essay, Auxier is taking Ideas from Monty Python's works and comparing them to Nietzche's Philosophy, primarily his story of the Madman. He expands on the theme of Heresy. Auxier focuses on the people's eagerness to believe in the first part of his essay, as he tells the story of his 'conversion' to Brian. He then takes Nietzche's Madman claiming God is Dead and compares it to Brian from "Life of Brian". His story, like the mad mans, is not about mocking God and Jesus, but shows that you should remain at a distance examining what you hear. This is a key part of Monty Python's Challenging religious systems. "Life of Brian is primarily about questions. The following clip is an example of the Python's view of healthy skepticism and questioning of belief. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9czBBKof7Yo). 

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