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Sunday, October 27, 2013

A-Team 16-1

Hey guys,

We didn't really get to talk last class, I'm not sure who was supposed to put up the factual questions.
David Hume is really interesting to me. Do you think there is anything known without having to experience it, or is he right in saying that all known facts are based on experience?

Tell me what you think


  1. Austin Duke10:39 PM CDT

    I think that all known facts have to be based on somebody's experience.
    FQ: What was Hume's most powerful argument against the existence of God? (Dialogues Concerning Religion)
    DQ: Does the design argument prove the existence of a god?


    1. I think at first glance, the design argument could be tempting, but Hume made a good point that just because something exists doesn't mean a creator just like this one you imagine must have made it.

  2. I partially agree with Hume. I think that all known facts are based on experience, but that experience could have been anyone; I do not have to experience something for myself in order for it to be real.

  3. Chelsea 16-111:59 AM CDT

    I feel that Hume had a good counter for the design argument. To be more scientific and logical you would have to realize that there is no proof given from that theory. It is just a thought. There are many possibilities . You have to consider all of the possibilities , not just the ones that sound good to you.

    FQ: Which philosopher believed that religion comes from the heart and that you do not need religious ceremonies? (Rousseau)

    DQ: Do you agree or disagree with Rousseau's view on religion? If you are religious, do you feel that you must attend religious ceremonies?

    Link: More biographical a info. on Rousseau

  4. Courtney 16-312:30 PM CDT

    I agree with Hume because in most cases as humans we have to encounter something to really understand it, until then it is only a theory in our minds.

  5. Jordan Cornelius12:31 PM CDT

    Last class we talked briefly about some dollar bill conspiracies and how they could relate to philosophy.
    FQ: What was Rousseau's view on religion? (Calvinism)
    DQ: Would Rousseau's political theory relate to any of the dollar bill conspiracies?
    Here's a little on the conspiracies http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_World_Order_(conspiracy_theory)

  6. I do agree with Hume that facts are based on experience because to truly know something inside and out, you must experience it yourself to form your own conclusions.

  7. Anonymous12:58 PM CDT

    Anthony Helton 16-3
    I believe that you have to experience things to believe them. You have to experience it first hand

  8. I believe we don't come into this world knowing anything for certain. We have to live, learn, and be taught. (H3)

  9. I do understand where he comes from because we do no nothing at birth besides instincts of how to feed ourselves (rooting and sucking),besides that our parents teachers peers teach us all we know within the years to follow our birth